Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Shepherd By: Travis Luedke ****


This book was definitely different from any other book I've read. That said it was a really great book that I enjoyed getting to read. 

Michael was like any other sixteen year old boy. A really stand out guy who loved roller skating and hanging out with his friends. He was really sweet and had an amazingly big heart. That is until you discover his secret, it makes him not so ordinary. He has an amazing best friend, Anita. She is just wonderful. I love that she is always looking out for him and standing up for him. I loved her. Then he meets the mysterious Nadia. She changes his life in so many ways and most of them are for the better. she was absolutely remarkable. I loved her as well. 

Nadia was such a sweet girl and seemed to be very taken with Michael. But they're is something extremely different and strange about her. She is always disappearing on him and reappearing. This was one of the main things in this book that kept me reading and intrigued. I was wanting to see where it all went and figure out her secret. It was my main goal in reading the book, to know who she was and what she was hiding. Trust me when I say that when I figured it all out I was blown away. This was because I didn't figure it all out until the end of the book, I actually didn't see any of it coming. 

So if you enjoy a really suspenseful book and Paranormal at that, You definitely need to check out this book. I highly recommend it to anyone that loves Paranormal books. :) There is a lot of twist and turns that will just blow you away. 

*ARC Received from Author for a Honest Review :)

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