Sunday, October 13, 2013

Protect Me By: Jennifer Culbreth ****

    Protect Me By: Jennifer Culbreth ****

I absolutely enjoyed this book. It was so fun to read, witty, and had alot of passion between the characters. I loved how they could walk into a room and just know that the other one was there.

Abby was such a sweet and caring person. I loved watching how her confidence continued to grow throughout the book thanks to all of the wonderful people who had came into her life. She was also a really funny girl and had lots of spirit.

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I instantly loved Ashley and Judy. They were such amazing friends to Abby when they met her. The would push her limits and show her just how beautiful she was. They both always tried to look out for her as well. Friends who stand by you no matter what and fight for you. 

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Then she runs into one of the most wonderful men EVER, Ryan. He is strong, caring and very protective of those he loves. I adored the man, he has such a big heart. You can't help but swoon over him. 
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I was so crazy over how intense their connection was. It was like faith was trying to bring them together with all of their chance encounters. I definitely took it as faith :) 

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Ryans demons are what keeps the relationship from happening for a while. It was really frustrating, but you also understood where he was coming from with everything.

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  I meant it when I said the book was fun. There are so many funny parts in the book that you can't help but laugh or smile when you read them. Ryans birthday present from Abby being one of them. I was literally cracking up. 
By the end of the book you will be blown away. You will get to a part that is nail biting and crazy. I was tore up and hoping for the best the more I read. The ending now that was something. :) I was left with everything to my imagination. So I am most definitely excited for the next book in this series. I highly recommend this book, it's such a wonderful and beautiful story.

*Book received by author for an honest review :)

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  1. From your review, I am definitely going to read this book now :) You did great, V ;)