Monday, October 7, 2013

Fire & Ice By: Lacey Weatherford ****


Journal Entry:
I've never wanted something so badly. Everything about us seems to fit right together. It sounds crazy, even to me, the cynical person whos never believed in all the gushy love stuff. I remember how my parents fought before we ran; love has never been very successful for the people I've known. Yet now, I find myself in the middle of it and I want it so badly. I need her-want to keep her with me always-want to always feel the way she makes me feel. Happy. I can't recall ever being this happy. I love her. 

Such a Sweet & Memorable Book!! Not only will you be drawn into the amazing love story and connection that Portia & Vance have, but you will find yourself laughing at times. Some parts of the story were funny. I felt so sad for Vance when the story begins. I just wanted so badly through the whole book for him to finally find some hope and a place to call his home.

Portia was so sweet, trustworthy, and very protective of Vance. I loved there connection to each other. It was strong and unbreakable. One of those epic loves. 
Vance was charming, kindhearted, loveable and so very romantic. Your heart will be soaring because of him. You will forever have a special place in your heart for Vance. I know I do in mine after reading this book. I couldn't help but smile and be swept away by him. Especially what he does for her on Halloween; you will know what I'm talking about when you read it. :) He is all of this as well as strong and courageous. Just an amazing character. 

"Portia Mullins, Blessed Be. I give now, my heart to thee." "My soul is yours to bind and take, My love for you will never shake." "I promise to always keep you pure, And never into evil lure." "Let heaven be our destiny, I love you, Portia, so mote it be."

Just make sure to prepare yourself for the ending. It literally broke my heart and I found myself shedding a few tears. I could've protested because it didn't end how I wanted, but it leaves you wanting to know more.

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