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Can't Go Home By: Angelisa Stone *****

           Can't Go Home By: Angelisa Stone

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Right off let me say that I fell completely in love with this book. It is officially on my favorites list. It was such a witty and funny book. Definitely a classic. 

You are going to LOVE and I mean love Dre. The guy is just wonderful. He is a gorgeous man. Not to mention one of the kindest people ever. He is very helpful to everyone around him. He helps everyone in town and doesn’t ask them to pay him or anything. His heart is absolutely huge and you just want to hug him. His bluntness and truthfulness will make you roll your eyes at times, but that makes him that more appealing. 

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Kathryn is such an awesome character. You can’t help but love her. She’s smart, funny and a very kind hearted woman. She will have you cracking up through the whole book with her remarks. She is one of those people who says what is on their minds and always truthful. I loved that about her.

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I loved how Dre was so nervous about even approaching Kathryn. It showed his human side. Of course once they do go out together you’re really happy and hope that things work for both of them. They deserve to be happy and be together. Their first official date was absolutely perfect. I loved it. It was practical and just plain sweet. Especially their carousel ride together. Dre is spontaneous and that just speaks to me J

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This was one of those books I never wanted to put down. It was just perfect. There was NEVER a dull moment. You were always waiting to see what was next. There were so many secrets that just kept coming at you and when you thought you had it all figured out you were soo very wrong. I had never been thrown into so many loops in a book before, but it made it that much more fun to read.

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Just make sure you are ready for all of the emotions you will feel. I promise you will be so happy and laughing throughout a lot of the book. It was that amazing. But you will also find parts where you’ll be sad and even cry. It’s heartbreaking what happens to Dre’s sister Piper. 

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The ending was just perfect. I couldn’t have asked for a better ending. I also enjoyed and loved that at the end it switched and you were reading Piper’s POV. I was literally beaming from everything that Piper let us in on when it came to her, Dre, and Kathryn.  I enjoyed getting to know Piper better through everything she said as well.

So make sure you check this book out and give it a try. I promise you want regret it because it’s one of the most amazing books I’ve ever read. Deserved way more than 5 stars J

The author is a wonderful and amazing woman as well. She was sweet and helpful throughout my review and while I was reading her book. I asked her if she had a muse and her reply was one of the most touching I’ve ever heard before. She said, “Not really! Writing and reading are my escapes from my chaotic life. The pandemonium that surrounds me really is my muse.

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  1. Right now I need some laughter in my life, so I pick this book since your review stated "you will be laughing throughout most of the book". But as in real life there also has to be heartache, can't wait to read. TYVM