Saturday, October 12, 2013

19 days until Touched By You By: T.H. Snyder (sneak peek)

20 more days till the release of Touched By You (Touch, #2) Here's a little sneak peek to hold you over ;)

He leans me slightly forward from his body and pulls all my dark brown hair to the side so that my neck is completely bare to the left. I scoot in closer to him and rest my back against his firm chest. I feel so content with him. I really don’t want this day to end. 
He leans forward and nips at my ear while placing light kisses along my jaw leading down to my neck. This is my most sensitive spot and he knows it all too well.
“Excuse me Derrick, what do you think you’re doing?” I ask with a giggle.
“Well I guess I’m doing something wrong here if you have to ask me what the hell I’m doing.”
“Ah come on babe, I was just joking. I love when you kiss me like that. It sends chills through my body.”
“Yes, that was my intent and I also plan to have that body doing something else really soon.”
He turns and lifts me so that I’m straddling his hips and I can look directly in his eyes. Those baby blues are god damn amazing and he can say so much just by looking at me. I lean into him and wrap my arms around his neck. 
“I love you Derrick and I’ll never forget moments like this with you.”
I kiss him hard and with such intensity. I don’t know how soon I’ll be with him again. He must feel the anxiety coming from me because he kisses me back with such fierceness.
He nips my lips and slides his tongue in my mouth. We've kissed a million times before, but nothing as passionate as this. 
“I love you so much Chloe and I’ll never give you up. Do you hear me? You are mine and will be forever. Whatever we have to do to keep our love alive, we will.”
Tears begin to prick my eyelids as we continue to kiss and I want to believe that we’ll make it through the next year as a couple. 
“Chloe, I really can’t wait to have you much longer.”
Author t. h. snyder

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