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Midnight Reborn(The Watchers #1) by D. McEntire *****

                                 Midnight Reborn by: D. McEntire

If you love a great Vampire book with romance and love then you need to check out this book. It was absolutely wonderful and the characters will steal your heart J

  Brace yourself when you start to read this book. The beginning will have you an emotional wreck.  It sure did me. I was so angry and sad all at the same time. I felt absolutely horrible for Robyn and all that she went through. She endured a lot of abuse and it really got to me.
Robyn was a very strong young lady. She went through things that most people wouldn’t survive yet she kept going and doing the best that she could.  When she meets Trigg, I immediately adored him. He is so very charming and mysterious. But then you learn that he’s so much more. He is very caring and has a really big heart especially when it comes to Robyn. I loved how as soon as he laid eyes on her he was protective of her and wanted to do nothing but help her and show her that not everyone was going to hurt her. Everything about him will make you love him.  

“Before you came into my life. I wanted nothing and no one. I lived day in and day out caring only about my mission to seek out and destroy Rogues. You have shown me something I have never felt before-love. I almost lost you and I couldn’t bare it. Will you have me as your mate?” (Trigg)

  Then she meets Trigg’s friends, Vane and Rayne. They both welcome her just as Trigg did and accept her in their lives. They all help her to grow and show her the good that is in the world. They all help her to open up her mind and she finally feels safe and at home with them.
  I really enjoyed seeing their love for one another grow and that no matter what they learned about each other they still wanted to be with one another. Even when she discovers who Trigg really is, she isn’t afraid of him and trusts him.   I loved and mean loved getting to know about the watchers and vampires in this book. The guys are all three amazing and I instinctively loved all of them.  I loved all of the characters in this book with the exception of those who hurt Robyn and her mother.

  I was so glad when Robyn met Rosa, Darla, Phillip, & Abigail. They all pretty much became like family to her, she finally had friends and that made me so very happy. Rosa was great to Robyn from the start and helped her out which made me love her that much more.

  Now brace yourself for the end of the book as well. I couldn’t help it, I cried because of what happened. Robyn truly had one of the biggest hearts and very courageous which she shows near the end when she saves Darla & Abigail. I was so happy that she gets to see her mother again. Even though she is faced with a decision that could change her life forever. I don’t want to give too much away, but I was so rooting for a happy ending at this point and hoping that Trigg and Robyn would get the ending they so much deserved. Thankfully the more I read the happier I got. I was beyond ecstatic for the two of them.  

I can’t wait to get to read the next book in this series so I can see where things go for Vane and Rosa because I loved both of them in this one. :) 

*Arc received from Author for an honest review :)

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