Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Connected by: Kim Karr ****

                    Connected by: Kim Karr

In Honor of Torn being released today here is my review for the first book in the series Connected!! 

"Dream as if you will live forever, live as if you will die today.”

  Absolutely loved this book. Such an amazing story line and has a really unexpected twist that just blew me for a loop. I can't wait for the next book. I enjoyed reading about Dahlia and seeing how she dealt with all that life threw at her. I especially loved getting introduced to River Wilde. He has to be one of my new favorite characters ever. He has it all, gorgeous, to die for eyes, great built, and he's the singer in a band. Upon all of that he is genuine and extremely loving. I was ecstatic when it started with his POV, I loved every minute of being in his head. I also loved how he helped Dahlia to heal, it was amazing the connection between them. One of those once in a lifetime loves. Again, the ending threw me for a loop and has left me anxious. So worth reading, such an amazing book. Not to mention the naming of my fave DBags and Kellan Kyle had me all giddy. You should so check it out. 

“5 years, 260 weeks, 1,825 days, 2.3 million minutes. That was how long ago I met you. If I did it all again. Would you come along for the ride? I hope so.
If I did it all again. Could you play this game with me? 
I hope so. And 5 years, 260 weeks, 1,825 days, 2.3 million minutes from today, will we still be together? I hope so.
Because I love you. Do you believe we will still be together? I hope so.
Because I really love you. Do you know so? Now you do—I love my beautiful girl." (River)

I hope you enjoy this one as much as I did. I totally Love River!! Here is the amazon link :)

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