Tuesday, August 19, 2014

~Author Spotlight~ Ethan Radcliff

I've been writing since I was a kid. I love creating and tried my hand at art, not bad but not good enough. A guy's gotta eat. Through high school I wrote erotic stories, kept them in a notebook, let a few of my girlfriends read them. Yeah, played football, baseball, but my brain never stopped thinking of sex. I guess we think about it all the time.

Been on face book for a while never did anything interesting when I was on until I started to see all the writers and then some poets posting their erotic prose. Men who were writing erotic romance and stories, I knew it was my time to get out the old note book and throw on some poems. Some are old and some are new, the ones about BDSM are newer. In high school or college I wasn't on that train of thought.

I see a picture it sets me off. A see an attractive women it sets me off. The jiggle of a full ass or heavy breasts, get me going. Yeah, my mind always is on a beautiful face or body.


1. What has been the toughest criticism given to you as an author? That I can’t spell.

 What has been the best compliment? I write well.

2. Is anything in your book based on real life experiences or purely all imagination? Yes. Do I need to elaborate? Hehe.

3. Can you tell us about your upcoming releases? The Magician…male escort…its hot...need Isa more the guy’s sex for hire.

4. What do you like to do when you’re not writing? Listen to music

5. You have multiple personalities, describe some of them…poet…I love writing prose…could do it day in and day out…I think in rhymes.

6. What made you decide to write your first book? It’s been in my head for a while. A close relative pushed me.

7. Do you have any strange writing habits? Yeah…I fall asleep at the computer…but wake up with stories in my head.

8. If you could cast your characters in a Hollywood adaptation of your book, who would play what characters? Damn…Russell Bennett.Jon Hamm

9. Who are the authors that inspire you? James Patterson, Robin Cook, Dean Koontz, Stephen King, Lara Adrien, Charles Dickens, Poe, Frost, Steinbeck, Hemingway…can go on…….

10. Is there anything you would like to say to your readers? I’m thrilled that you are reading me. That’s a writers dream having others read your work. And if you can let my erotica arouse you…my poems…can you see and feel them….I’ve done my job.


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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The Taming of Molly Jenkings:



I had chance to get a good look at her. Her porcelain skin mesmerized me and my need to touch her was overwhelming. I’d do whatever she wanted of me, tonight.

“Whatever you want my Mistress,” I replied causing that little sexy smile to reappear on her red lips. She ran her fingers up my chest until she was upon my nipples. She pinched both causing my cock to twinge. She pinched harder her grip hard and slightly painful. She released them and let the blood rush to the tips and then licked them hungrily. My cock rose to her delicious tongue. One of her hands boldly slid down and grasped my hardening cock.

“Mmm, you’re getting hard and I like what I’m feeling. I bet you’re a great fuck.”

“I am and tonight my sexy goodness you will find out just how great I am,” I said running a finger over her lips. Her red lipstick reddened the tip, and I licked it off, making her smile.

“And you’re sure of yourself. We’ll see won’t we?”

“Yes,” I said moving closed to her lips. “I am and right now I’m anxious to see what you have in store for me.”

“I take it you’re not shy. Do you have any objections to fucking in front of others?”

“No, do you?”

She smiled smartly and shook her head slightly, the smirk on her lips getting wider. I’d done it all and was a little bit of an exhibitionist. She was a professional Domme, this was her forte not mine. I wondered how comfortable she really was with the group scene. She grabbed my balls.

“Damn, women you could be a little gentler.” I grabbed her wrist.

“Mmm, my pet we’ve only just begun.”

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The Wait, Britt’s Undoing:



It was easier to get down and use his tongue to bring her to her first orgasm. His penetration would go easier then. He lowered his head and kissed a trail of wet kisses down her torso then parted the lips to her pussy revealing he soft little nub. He bent his head and let his tongue lick the round rosebud softly and slowly.

“Oh my God,” she said, her voice small as he saw her fingers clench the sheets.

He smiled, he had her, and now he intended to drive her crazy. Soft light kisses followed a heady suck of her clit. Then fast flicks back and forth. It swelled. He smiled broader as his cock grew harder. He let his tongue sink deep into her and his breathing increased, he couldn’t believe the excitement running through his veins. Twinges of arousal ran up and down his aching cock, but he’d hold himself back. He licked at her more, drank from her when her pussy gushed and flooded his mouth. But she hadn’t cum yet. She was close as she now clung to his hair pushing him deeper into her. Her breath increased, her heart thudded in her breasts and her soft moans became louder. Every part of her being was centered in her wet cunt, he could smell it, feel it and soon those tiny ripples inside of her would tantalize his tongue.

Mack ached for relief and wanted to bury his cock deep. But he had no choice but to be patient and let her orgasm. Once her body experienced release and she was momentarily mindless he could push through her virgin barrier. How tight she’d be around his cock. Now his hardness began to have a life of its own and he needed to get to fucking her soon.

Suddenly she gasped and her body ached. “Oh fuck,” she screamed. Oh, yes, yes,” she continued. “Mack oh fuck I’m cuming.”

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The Magician *Male Escort* COMING SEPTEMBER 15th