Sunday, January 26, 2014

New Author~ Falling Into Grace by Ellie Meade


Hannah Winterfield was blessed with a storybook marriage, until it was suddenly destroyed in one fateful, unalterable day. Can she ever be open to love again? Find out in Falling Into Grace, author Ellie Meade’s captivating and heart-pumping romance that charts one woman’s journey from the throes of heartbreak to the throes of newfound passion in a love triangle. With heartfelt romance and a sexy edge, this searing story of loss and love is certain to enthrall anyone who champions the unending possibility for new love.

As the story unfolds, Hannah has just been dealt an unimaginable blow when her beloved husband is suddenly killed. A devoted physician’s assistant and mother of small children, Hannah has no choice but to rely on her strength to keep the family intact in the aftermath of tragedy. However, when a difficult patient by the name of Victoria Grace lands in the hospital, Hannah finds herself quickly entangled in new emotions for two of Mrs. Grace’s sons, Aiden and Grant. With dramatic flair, believable characters, and full on romantic fire, Falling Into Grace spins a story that goes straight to the heart, while offering plenty of unbridled passion on every page. Find out just what Hannah is driven to do when she falls truly, madly, deeply into grace.

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