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Book Spotlight & Review~ Finding Home by Aine Kelley *****


Can two broken people help each other learn to love again and find their way home?
For Samantha Cole, love and relationships have never come easy. Pain and heartbreak have forced her to build a wall around herself. Hoping to start over, Sam leaves Boston behind and moves to Napa with her best friend. Trying to make better choices in love, Sam establishes rules to keep her heart safe. Little does she know that one man will challenge her and change her mind. He has the potential to break down her walls and bring her heart back home.
Ben Foster has been dealing with heartache and guilt for the past two years, believing he lost his only chance at love. Pounding guys on the Rugby field and running the family winery get him through the pain. When Sam arrives the fog over his life slowly lifts. He wonders if she is the one who can help his heart find a new way home.
Letting go of the past and moving forward is not always easy. Their connection is strong, but their pasts keep getting in the way. Will Sam and Ben's journey tear them apart or help them find a place to call home?

                               ~Review~ *****

I have to say that Aine Kelley wrote one of the most amazing books here. I fell completely in love with how sweet and beautiful it was. But don’t get me wrong it’s also very passionate and well worth reading. I was completely lost within the pages and never wanted to put it down. Sam and Ben’s story was exquisite. I couldn’t have asked for a better read for the New Year than this one. It was simply perfection.

Sam is such a sweet, caring, and vibrant girl. I adored all of the sides to her. She was meant to be loved and not treated badly like her family and ex’s had done to her. My heart broke for her so many times as I learned her painful past. I was so glad she had such an amazing friend in Jenny because she deserved to have someone have her back. Jenny was the perfect best friend and she stood up with everything in her for those of her she loved. She was wonderful. I’m looking forward to her story.

Ben, Ben, Ben!!! Oo how I loved this boy. He was unbelievable. He was strong, good hearted, loving, and man was he a good-looking feller. Did I mention he played rugby? Yep he is the full package and you seriously need to discover him if you haven’t read this story yet. My heart was literally breaking for this wonderful man because of all that he had went through. He was so broken and lost, I wanted so badly for him to heal and be happy. His nightmares and worries about feeling guilty for moving on completely owned me. I was so lost in this guy. I felt what he did and wanted him to break free.

Ben and Sam’s instant connection was perfect. I loved that only one phone call had them realizing the person on the other end could be that special someone that could put them back together. When they first meet I found myself so giddy and happy. I just knew as much as they did that they were meant to be and that they should fight against all the odds to be together. So if you love a romantic yet passionate book where an amazing couple struggle with their pasts to be together, this is the book for you. It’s by far one of the best books I’ve read.


Looking up into her moist eyes I pull her close to me. Our arms hug each other with a fierceness that’s getting rid of every loose fragment of damage. We’re expelling each and every bad memory and all the shit that’s fucked us up. “I don’t want to let you go. Can we stay like this for a little while longer?” Her head nods on my shoulder as she sinks deeper into our embrace.

“You feel incredible in my arms. I never thought much about guardian angels, but I think you’ve been sent just for me. Your arms wrapping around me make everything go away.”

Sam’s arms grip me with even more vigor. I feel her breath and lips tickle my ear as she turns her head into the crook of my neck. Feather light kisses touch my neck and earlobe as she whispers; “You’re wrong Ben; you’re my angel. You make me believe that love can exist.” Her head pulls back but her arms stay firmly in place. “Your voice brought light into my life when all I could see was darkness. When I’m all alone, it’s your voice that I hear when I drift off to sleep at night.”

I turn and press my lips onto hers tenderly and hold them there for several seconds before breaking away. We stay holding each other well into the night. Finally, her breaths change and I realize she’s fallen asleep on my shoulder. I gently shift her body close and place one arm underneath her legs to pick her up. She stirs slightly and turns her head into the curve of my neck and inhales deeply. “Mmm, you smell so good.”
I hold her against me as I chuckle, “Oh yeah? It’s a combination of sweat, wine, and you.”

Sighing she lifts her head with her eyes still closed. “How is it you know to say the exact thing a woman likes to hear?”

“I don’t know about that. I guess you bring it out of me.”

We get into the truck, and I buckle her up. I fight off the images of the accident and instead focus on Sam. I listen to her steady breaths and watch her sleep. She hypnotizes me. I’m captivated by her heart, beauty and soul. Her capacity to let me in is remarkable and humbling especially when I don’t think I deserve it. Home has to feel a lot like this because I can’t imagine living anywhere else.

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