Friday, January 31, 2014

Book Spotlight~ Escaping Me by Cat Mason

Daisy Shane has a plan for everything. She has a list, a real plan. Her life has been completely designed on a simple piece of paper that she carries in her purse. Stick to the list, her daily reminder since she was sixteen years old. With Daisy’s inventory, now nearly complete, she decides to have a summer of fun with her fianc√© Landon. Her new job arranged to start in the fall; she’s off to spend the next six months with Landon on tour with his brother, Grayson’s band, Shaft. 

Things aren’t always what they seem. Landon has been hired as an assistant to the band and their manager, Tad. Daisy soon finds herself stuck on the road with six men as Landon pushes her further and further away with each passing mile. 

Grayson Cole has spent his entire life shielding himself from letting people get too close. You can’t be hurt if you keep everyone at arm’s length. Traveling the country on a 
tour bus with his band left no desire to get to know anyone for longer than it takes to play a show. Everything changes when he sees Daisy. 
The attraction and pull is one that both Daisy and Grayson are unable to resist. Grayson sees her as his Wildflower. Regardless of her status as his soon to be sister-in-law, he finds himself desperate to be near her. 
Temptations, betrayal, and lies are all mixed with booze, tattoos, sex, laughs, and love as the Shaft commands stage after stage. 
Making friends along the way, Daisy must stop escaping herself. She will be forced to quit hiding behind a list and come to terms with what she really wants in life. Emotions and secrets unravel all around as Daisy learns to live the rough and rowdy life of taking Shaft on tour. 
***Adult Content 18 or older.*** 
Contains adult material and sexual situations.

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Cat Mason was born and raised just across the Mississippi River from St. Louis Missouri, in a small town called Granite City, Illinois.  She has written everything from music lyrics, poetry, to now books.  When she is not hard at work writing her next book, Cat is spending time with her three children and husband or curling up with a book on her kindle.  

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