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Matteo by Rachael Orman *Verna's Review*

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Being born into slavery, I never thought my owner, my very mother, would sell me. And she didn’t.
Until Matteo.
I was tormented, struggling to come to terms with my new life then he narrowed it down to two things.
Pleasure. Pain.
The man confused me at every turn with his unexpected and unattainable desires.
If only he’d speak to me.
If only he’d tell me how to avoid upsetting him.
If only I could please him.
**Disclaimer: This is a DARK erotic Italian Mafia story. There are twisted behaviors in this book not everyone will be able to handle. Explicit, violent, and sexual scenes are involved. Not for the wary of heart.**

Matteo, Matteo Matteo!! I flipping loved this book. Rachael Orman pushed the limits and boundaries when she wrote this book, but let me tell you it only intensified the emotions and feelings I had while reading it. I love getting to read a book that leaves me guessing and wanting to scream at the characters. This book definitely brought out every raw emotion it could while I was reading it. Such an amazing book with all kinds of dark and troubling situations that push you to love the kindred spirit that is Matteo.

Gia is an amazing character. I love her spirit and everything about her. She never once gave up and even though she was taught to act a certain way and had a really horrible life she still kept going. I found myself just wanting to shake her and wake her up. I wanted her to fight back and not give in to her first instinct to please others. But she couldn’t escape who she had become due to the life she was brought into.

Matteo has such a strong presence in this book. He will have you fighting so hard to figure out if you love him or hate him. Yes, it’s a love/hate relationship, but in the end I fell in love with his soul. It was dark and disturbed and I didn’t agree with how he dealt with his feelings, but I loved that his love was so deep. I was left reeling after reading this book and I can’t help but say it’s an emotional and soothing journey I am so glad I experienced. This book will blow you away.

If you love a dark, gritty, and emotional journey then this is the book for you. Might I add if you don’t like dark disturbing books then you shouldn’t read this one. There are moments in the book that will upset you, but I found that each piece of the story made it a whole and so much more stimulating. 

I give Matteo by Rachael Orman 5 out of 5 WICKED STARS!




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