Sunday, March 2, 2014

Review~ Touched By Another by T.H. Snyder *****

                          ~Review~ *****

T.H. Snyder has done it again. I fall more in love with this series the more I read it. It’s just amazing. Every character in the series will capture your heart.

I was instantly consumed by this book; as soon as I started I never wanted to put it down for a second. I fell in love with Pete at the end of Touched by You and this book only made me fall that much more in love with him.

I adored Emma. My heart broke for her more than once while reading her story. She endured so much heartache at the hands of her husband and it killed me. Let me add I totally did not like him at all because of the way he treats Emma and the lies that he tells. I enjoyed reading and watching Emma to grow and become the strong woman I knew she was. She deserved better and it brought a smile to my face when she realized it and took steps to get her independence back. She was remarkable.

Pete, Pete, Oh Pete! I was instantly in love with this man, I adore him. He was so sweet, caring, and such a gentleman. You can’t help but adore him. I loved that even though a bad relationship left him never wanting to love another woman again he still couldn’t deny his pull to Emma. He took such good care of her and never pushed her, he just let things fall where they fell and held her hand through it all. He just tugs at your heart strings through the whole book.

I loved Emma and Pete’s story. It’s absolutely beautiful and just perfect.


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