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Book Spotlight~ The Alexandra Drake Series by Sarah Elizabeth Ashley

Freeing Alex ~ Part One

A tale of sorrow, escape, strength and freedom. Of compassion, friendship and lust.

Alex Drake a 42 year old lady trapped in abusive marriage to a controlling husband. Out of the blue she finds her life is transformed by the huge legacy left to her by the woman she always regarded as ‘aunt’. The months that follow throw her into a maelstrom as she finally escapes Lewis, the monster of a husband taking her daughter with her.

Starting her new life in London she discovers who she is and what allows her to start her journey to freedom. Will she find the love and affection she so desperately craves? Feeling totally insecure and haunted by her past she is supported through the trauma of divorce and Lewis' continual harassment by the handsome and incredibly sexy James Aconi, the General Manager of Reid's hotel, a luxury establishment and part of Alex's inheritance. A younger man with ‘movie star’ looks the attraction between the two is instant and mutual, their relationship developing to friendship and more as James introduces the naive Alex to everything that a loving and complete relationship should be, including things she had never dreamed of, let alone experienced

Loving Alex ~ Part Two

A story of unequalled devotion, unconditional love, raw passion and new beginnings.

Having learned who she is and believing that freedom from her abusive husband is in sight, Alex continues to build a new life for herself in London. The support she receives from the incredibly sexy James appears unending as he dotes on her completely and introduces her to yet more encounters that Alex could only begin to imagine possible. But, will her past allow her to start again? Lewis, the monster of a husband refuses to let go, the temptation of her huge inheritance appearing too much of a draw for his evil nature to pass by. Will he ever let go? Will his secrets be revealed by a most unlikely source? Who else can meddle with Alex’s efforts to move on from her past? Her uphill battle continues and reveals more twists and turns whilst she becomes stronger on each step of her journey towards a life full of love and devotion

Eternally Alex ~ Part Three

Love knows no bounds… Love is limitless… Love can overcome all odds.

Alex, now being totally free from the clutches of her abusive ex-husband starts out on married life with the super sexy James. The man who continues to dote on her completely, taking his marriage vows to the limit as he worships her in every way imaginable. Life could not get any better, could it?

Their bliss is stalled as part of James’ past emerges. Someone that he believed did not exist, a part of his life locked firmly away in the back of his mind.

New evil, hungry for revenge on behalf of another and feeling shunned by rejection brings misery and anguish to the duo. But, in true Alex and James style they battle together to protect the perfect life. Their journey is not without sorrow and pain as their encounter with those of a heinous nature proves more than they can handle.

An attack they suffer threatens their very existence together but love will win, leaving them free to fulfil their lives dreams together surrounded by their family they can only grow stronger and stronger.

Never Say Love – Due for release April 2014 (This work is not part of The Alexandra Drake Series)
Sarah Elizabeth Ashley

~~~Cover Reveal Coming Soon~~~

Benito Pascal Abelli.  Italian security professional by day. Playboy by night.  I love women, just not the same one all of the time!"

Benito refuses to love, to commit to a relationship, preferring to spend his evenings playing the “entertainment game” with his friends, a game in which a pretty girl is signalled out to entertain and then to relinquish the next morning, or sooner.

Sent to head the UK division of the family’s security business, Benito continues to play the game at each opportunity, until he picks out Lucy.  There’s something about her, something that draws him to her, she’s certainly not like any of the girls he’s ever picked out before.  Fighting his feelings not to be drawn into a relationship appears futile as he is convinced that what is developing is being orchestrated by a higher force.

Going against all his principals he allows himself to begin what we all consider to be a normal relationship, but in the world of Benito Abelli surely this can’t happen.

The business he now heads is doing well, very well.  Feathers are being ruffled, competition suffers.  Threats are issued and ultimately the thing that Benito values the most taken from him, his worst fear and the reason he refuse to commit or to love.

In true Benito style, as we have learnt from The Alexandra Drake Series, nobody crosses an Abelli or any of their family – he will get back that which he regards as his, as part of his family, those that hurt him, or that which he values the most, will pay the ultimate price.  The Abelli motto is, “We look after our own in this family…”

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Sarah is a first time British writer born and raised in the Midlands county of Staffordshire where she still lives today with her family.

Forbidden to use her 'real' name by her children Sarah has been saying  for years that she had a book "in her".  Like most parents, the time to sit down and put those ideas onto paper seemed nothing more than a dream.  As her children have grown, she finally found the time and quite literally let the words flow as her first novel, Freeing Alex, was created, the characters coming to life on her laptop, followed by Loving Alex, Eternally Alex, and more to come with fourth novel Never Say Love.

Sarah describes herself as a true Piscean with an over-active imagination and says that it took a great deal of courage to release 'Freeing Alex', which after completion was destined to be shelved.  However, motivated by her family she finally took the plunge and self published in August 2013.

"It started as a hobby, now it's a passion."

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