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~Release Day Launch~ Nothing Left To Lose by: Kristy Moseley ***** (Review & Author Interview)

  As soon as I started reading I was done for. I was instantly drawn into this book. It was beyond amazing. It completely consumed me and I never wanted to put it down. There isn’t a word I can even say that could describe the magnitude of emotions that this book gave me. It was beyond emotional, but also one of the most beautiful books I have ever read.   
  This book will forever have a place in my heart. By the end of the first chapter in the book my heart was in my throat and I was bawling. I absolutely loved and adored Jack and everything that happened absolutely shattered me.

  I instantly loved Ashton. He has one of the biggest hearts and he’s caring and compassionate. I mean this with all the honesty in me, his character was beyond memorable. I will always love him and remember this book because of him. I loved how much he instantly loved Anna and wanted to protect her. He was amazing.

  Anna was a wonderful character as well. She was such a sweet and strong character. She was also so thoughtful, always putting others first. I felt so bad for everything that she endured. My heart broke all over again whenever Anna would talk about the things that happened to her or had a nightmare about them.

  I loved that Ashton made Anna feel safe and whole again. I loved how easily Anna and Ashton feel into sync with one another. Always joking and laughing with one another. It was remarkable. I felt so bad for Anna because of how conflicted she was about her feelings toward Ashton. It was such a crazy ride with the two of them. I just wanted for both of them to tell each other how they felt so they could be happy together.

  I adored Ashton's friends. They were all just amazing, especially Nick. I hope that we get to read more about all of the amazing characters in this book.

  I was in awe of Ashton and Anna’s relationship. How much they trusted and needed one another. How it grew to so much love and admiration for one another. It was just beautiful and perfect.

  By the end of the book my emotions were on high alert. I was literally bawling my eyes out. It was breaking my heart in two with every page I read. I was again on an emotional rollercoaster just as I had been at the beginning of the book. I don’t want to give anything away about the ending except that because this book’s ending should be experienced and treasured. I absolutely loved reading this book.

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                                              Author's Interview!

What would you say is your biggest inspiration when plotting a book?

Biggest inspiration… hmm… I like a strong male lead. Most of my males have certain character traits of my husband; it’s usually the thought of creating those males that make me want to write the book!

What is your favorite quote or scene from Nothing left to lose?

“If you don’t care about anything then you have nothing left to lose.” Anna says that to Ashton fairly early on in the story. I had that line stuck in my head before I even started the book – I knew that would be the title from the offset as soon as that line popped into my head.

If you could pick a character from any of your books, who would you say is your Favorite?

This is a tough one… while writing NLTL it was definitely Ashton Taylor from it. He was always my favourite, but then his best friend got his own story (Enjoying the Chase which comes out in March) and Nate Peters stole my heart. It’s still a tough one for me though, I kind of feel disloyal to Ashton but if I was held at gunpoint and had to choose… it’d be Nate.

Who is your dream cast for NLTL?

Anna is easy for me – Rachel Bilson. I love her, and she’s exactly as I see Anna (though maybe a little old to play a 19-year-old girl.)

Ashton is a little harder – Both of the actors I would love to see as him are too old, and don’t have the black hair, but Jensen Ackles or Stephen Amell would be my two first picks!

Do you have plans for your next book?

Enjoying the Chase – the companion novel about Ashton’s best friend – is already written and will be out in March. After that, plans are already in motion for something new. Of course, it’s a new adult romance. Not sure when it’ll be out at the moment though.

Who is your favorite Author?

I have three, is that allowed? Stephen King and JK Rowling are my two favs, and then I have another that I met through Wattpad – her name is Natasha Preston, and I have the very great pleasure of knowing her personally too. Love that girl.

Finally, who would play you in a film of your life?

Being small, slightly overweight, dark haired and (I like to think) funny, I would have to say Dawn French. And of course, Morgan Freeman to narrate – he could make even my writing naked days sound interesting! ;P

What book did you love writing most?

Nothing Left to Lose was definitely my baby, and still is. It was the first book that made me cry while writing it, and the first one I pulled an all-nighter to write because I just couldn’t stop.

Visit her website at http://www.kirstymoseley.com/ for more!


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