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Title: Touched By You
Author: T.H. Snyder
Genre: New Adult Romance
Release Date: October 31, 2013

Chloe and Derrick have spent most of their lives together as friends and as lovers; they have formed a connection that few couples can make last. This duo is bound by one thing that no one can destroy. They have been touched by one another and no one can take that away. 
That is until one of them is forced to make a decision and their lives take on a different path. 
Can these two withstand the reality of what lies ahead? Are they able to hold a relationship together with just the mere fact that they may love each other? Is it possible to maintain a bond that no one else has been able to touch?
Chloe and Derrick may have the relationship others dream about, but sometimes things do get in the way and it can be impossible to forgive and forget.

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Waiting to board a plane back to Boston, I sit here wondering if I made the right choices in life. Did I follow the path that would take me in the right direction? Could I have done something different that would change the outcomes I’m faced with right now?
I haven’t seen or spoken to him in four months. Four long, torturous months dealing with what I did to us and our happily ever after. I know I’ll run into him soon, but when I do I’m not sure how he’ll react. He could accept me in an embrace or turn the corner and run the other way.
What did I do?
The choices I’ve made changed my life in only a short period of time and I fear I may have lost him forever.
At one time he was all I ever knew. The two of us were so in sync with the other no force field could tear us apart. I can hear him whisper in my ear. “Chloe you and I will stand the test of time because I was touched by you and only you.”
I, Chloe Taylor, am faced with a decision I may not like myself for in the next few hours. Only time will tell what is meant to be and for now I have a much bigger weight on my plate than that of my love life.

                                                              ~Review!~ ****

Let me start off by saying that Touched By You was such a beautiful book. It was just as good as the first book in the series. I really loved this book. Prepare yourself to get very emotional. I know that I was. I was in awe of the beauty of the couples love, but I also cried a few times. You know you are reading a wonderful story when your emotions are on high alert at some point in the book.

I absolutely loved and adored Derrick. He was such a sweetie and so funny and loving. You can’t help but fall head over heels in love with him. He’s such a romantic guy and I thought that Chloe was so lucky to have found him and have him love her. I just can’t help but say that Derrick was amazing. The man puts so much effort into making Chloe happy no matter how much it hurts him, he’s just remarkable.

Chloe is a sweet and funny girl. Although you can tell that she doesn’t think about anyone, but herself for most of the book. Although when it comes to Derrick you can tell she loves him with everything in her, but she just keeps choosing things she shouldn’t over him.

I absolutely adored Derrick and Chloe’s relationship. Even though through all the years that they are together and all of the distance between them, they still end up fighting to stay together and their love is beyond amazing. They have one of the strongest love connections and it is just beautiful. Derrick never once lets me down in this book. Everything he put together to propose to Chloe was beyond romantic. I was in awe of him.

I think my heart broke for Derrick just as much as his was breaking when he had to say goodbye to the love of his life. It was awful. The fact that he cried and was broken just broke me all over again. I’m not going to give too much away, but there is a part of the book that absolutely killed me. I mean I was dying inside and hoping with everything in me that everything would be okay. My heart was in my throat through the whole thing. So be prepared to be in knots through the ending of this book.

T.H. Snyder is a 33 year old mother of 2. She has been an avid romance and paranormal reader for well over a year and felt it was about time to explore her creative side and write her own book.


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