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Blog Tour Stop! Review & Giveaway!~~The Time Until by Casey Ford *****

Alan Green and Samantha Cohn have known each other for as long as both can remember. They have a special relationship that has grown far beyond mere friendship.

Inseparable, Al and Sam have spent their lives with one another—from childhood secrets, through awkward teenage years, to finding themselves as adults—it’s always been the two of them together.

When unexpected tragedy hits, and Sam is left fighting for her life, Alan can only watch and wait. Left alone without his best friend, Alan spends his time reliving his past, ensnared in the memories of the chaotic relationship with the girl that stole his heart.

How would you spend the time until?

REVIEW! *****

This book was a remarkable book. I absolutely love and adored it. If you are looking for a good book to read, one that will bring you to tears and fill your heart with all the hope in the world by the end of it then this is the book for you. It’s a memorable book that will share a place in my heart.
As soon as this book begins I was thrown into an emotional rollercoaster. It left me absolutely speechless and heartbroken. I was bawling my eyes out.  It definitely tugged at every string on my heart from the very beginning to the main ending.

Sam is a sweet and kind girl. I absolutely adored her in this book. She was always there for Alan and cared so much about him. She was without a doubt the strongest girl EVER. Not to mention she’s vibrant and spunky. She went through so much heartache as a child and growing up, but always got through it. It helped that Alan was always by her side and never for a second wanted to leave her. Their friendship through this story and the love they eventually have for one another is one of the most memorable love stories out there.

Alan is absolutely remarkable. I loved his character. He was strong, kind, loving and one of the most charming guys. I loved him completely in this book. I felt so horrible for him to experience what he did and to wake up to his world flipped completely upside down. My heart broke for him a lot in this book and I couldn’t help but hold out hope that everything would work itself out in time. The poor guy endures a lot in the book and every time you will find your heart break all over again. I don’t think I stopped crying while reading this book. When Al finally gets to see the love of his life at the hospital I broke down again. It was awful and I just wanted to somehow comfort him if I could. You can’t help but want to reach out to him somehow.

Both Al and Sam have remarkable friends in this book. They are all wonderful and loving and look out for their friends. I loved how they had such a support system. It made all of the heartache easier to deal with.

I want give away the ending because again this is one of those books you need to experience to get the full effect it will have on your heart and your soul. It’s one of the most heartfelt and amazing books you will ever have the chance to read. So make sure you check it out because as much as I cried through the book by the end of it all my hope is restored and I am in awe at the strength of Alan and Sam.  

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                                 ABOUT CASEY FORD!!!
I like to write and love just about anything romance [Except triangles, I hate triangles.... Oh! And Squares! They're the worst].
Anyway, I live with my wife and two kids in good ole U.S. of A. and I actually work full time as a Graphic Designer. I write to relieve stress and because I like to create stories.
The Time Until is my first book and it’s both a joy and a chore to write.



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  1. Thank you so much for the awesome review. I'm really glad you liked it...

  2. You are soo welcomed. Thank you for the chance to read it it was an amazing story!!