Monday, October 26, 2015

Swallowing Colors by Brayden Maggart *Verna's Review*

Seventeen-year-old Analia struggles with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder stemming from a long childhood of abuse and trying to cope with her brother, Cloud's, suicide while still continuing to manage life with a neglectful, addicted mother. Without guidance, Analia and her brother, August, experience the hardships of adolescence and the joys of first love as they learn life's hardest lessons. Together, they figure out how it's possible that the world is both beautiful and ugly at the same time as the two come to form a unit we know as life.


Swallowing Colors by Brayden Maggart is such an insane whirlwind of emotions. The book was so well written and you feel everything the writer and characters are feeling. I loved how the author left nothing to the imagination. Life isn’t always rainbows there are storms we all have to make it through and this book stays true to that lesson. 

Analia was such a strong and amazing character. She went through so much in the book that it was just gut wrenching, yet she never gave up hope that there was something better and happier for her at the end of all the tragedy she endures. I never gave up hope for her that somewhere amongst the chaos she would come out even stronger on the other end. You are going to love this character and her brothers. Cloud, August, and Flynn all have a part in Analia’s life and help to make her the person she is. I love that through the story their little family grows closer together and they each realize just how much they need each other to survive everything that life throws their way. You even get a glimpse into some of the other character’s thoughts, what’s happening to them as well. I can’t wait for the next two books in this series to get a better look into Cloud and Flynn’s lives, what happens to them and what made them make the choices they did.

So if you love a story that pushes the limits and makes you feel every emotion your heart can have this is the story for you. It’s not a happy ever after, at least not what you would think of as happily ever after. These characters go through a lot of emotional and challenging events that will have your heart in turmoil and tears in your eyes. 

I give Swallowing Colors by Brayden Maggart 4 out of 5 Gut Wrenching Stars! 

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