Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Impure Bargains by Decadent Kane *Randi's Review*

Impure Bargains By Decadent Kane

Blurb: Desiderus has served Ba'al faithfully for nearly one hundred years. When Haven Rowe put a gun to his head and pulled the trigger, her fierce nature stirred emotions he hadn't felt since before Ba'al claimed him. With his sight set on consuming her body and soul, he'll use every deceptive idea at his disposal to make sure she belongs to him.
When Haven walked in on a demon stealing her brother, Jeremy, her entire world unraveled. Born to a family of magic users, yet unable to use magic of her own, Haven will do anything to get her brother back from the depths of hell, even if it means she has to bargain her soul.
With the help of a witch, Haven seeks out loopholes to the soul bargains that have been made. She either finds a way out for her and Jeremy, or they both might be lost forever. What she doesn't count on is the betrayal of her own body and the insurmountable attraction she has for the demon she's trying to escape.

Normally I go for the kind of book that has “good guys” as the main male lead, but when I first heard about this book I jumped at the chance to read it, and I'm so glad that I did.

Desiderus is a demon. And I know what you're thinking...Demon = Bad. And usually yes, this is the case, but anyone who has watched as much Supernatural as I have knows that this isn't always a given. Demons, like humans, can be complex and have more than one side. Thus we have De.

Haven is a human. She hunts things that go bump in the night (and sometimes the day) and tries her hardest to take care of her man-child of a brother Jeremy.

It's after Jeremy I taken by Desiderus, as payment for a deal gone bad, that Haven is thrown into De's path. Making a deal of her own, she binds herself to him to free her brother.

You know, like any good sister would.

I don't read a lot of Demon stories. My paranormal readings usually focus more on Vampires with a few wears here and there and the occasional fallen Angel. But as I said before, I have watched a lot of Supernatural...a I'm no stranger to the concept of a not so totally evil Demon, and a not so totally moral human.
So as I started reading this story, I was hooked. There's twists and turns that I didn't expect and I love when that happens! So often I feel almost like I'm reading the same story over and over with different names because the plot will be so predictable, but not here. It was a wonderful change of pace.

This book has a little bit of everything. Suspense, drama, humor, tragedy and happiness, and last but most definitely not least, it was hot. Lots and lots of steam.

If you like a great demon themed paranormal romance, this is a great book to add to your collection. If you haven't read any demon themed paranormal romances than this is a great book to start you off.

Read it, you will love it.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars.

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