Tuesday, April 29, 2014

~Review~Sick Day by Morgan Parker *****

Hope and Cameron made a five-year promise before college. Years pass and they never see each other again. But then one month before his planned wedding to Riley, Cameron looks outside and sees Hope in the pouring rain, watching him.

Now, three years later, Cam has one day – a sick day on this last Friday of summer – to convince the one woman whose very existence breaths life into his lungs, that sometimes love like theirs actually does exist, and it’s that kind of love that lives forever, no matter how hard you fight to forget about it and move on.

From the author of non friction and Hope, Sick Day follows one man’s day-long attempt to persuade the love of his life that sometimes it’s okay to break promises if it means keeping the ones that count.

This was such a beautifully written story. I couldn’t get enough of Sick Day. I anticipated its release since I found out about it and the author never let me down. Sick Day was just as amazing as Hope and Non Friction. I loved that Hope and Cameron’s story was so similar to “Our Story” because it has such a special place in my heart and that’s what keeps me coming back for more of Morgan Parker’s writing.

Hope was a wonderful girl. I really loved her passion for the things she believed in. That being said let me say that she seriously drove me completely crazy while reading this book. She was definitely one stubborn person who just wouldn’t open up her eyes and see what was right in front of her which drove me mad. I just wanted her to see what I saw. That she was so lucky to be loved by Cameron.

Cameron is an AMAZING man. He reminded me so much of Oliver, but he also was very different. He was so caring, loving and just overall wonderful. I couldn’t help but love this character for all that he was. I felt bad for him for everything he endured and lost, but I admired how much he kept fighting and never gave up. He never gave up HOPE that he would show Hope he loved her and she belonged to him. She was his soul mate.

The story is worth reading, it’s a remarkable and an alluring story that will have you never putting it down. It will also tug at your heart strings. It broke my heart more than once and I cried a few times while reading. The story line and all that it implies will keep you hooked. It’s very touching and the ending will leave you bawling. This writer’s work is just delightful and always seems to touch my heart. If you haven’t read Non Friction or Hope make sure you read them before Sick Day, I think they help you fill in all the missing pieces. 


Morgan Parker is the pen name for a shy and introverted banker. He currently divides his time between Toronto, Canada and his imagination. When he isn’t writing or working with clients or relaxing at Balzac’s with a medium non-fat cappuccino, Morgan Parker enjoys spending time with his family. And sleeping, preferably on a bed (the left side) but depending on the day, he can pretty much curl up anywhere. No, he is not currently accepting applications for cuddling partners.

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