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Book Spotlight~ Living In Sin by Isabel Lucero

Jace Jamison is every woman’s fantasy. He’s a mysterious businessman willing to sweep you off your feet, a tattooed bad boy from the wrong side of the tracks, and a sexy friend you want to take that next step with. Jace is everything and anything you want him to be. He’s a highly paid escort.

But nobody knows who Jace really is; the man whose dad abandoned him, whose brother was killed, and who had to take care of his mom at a young age. At the age of nineteen, he was living in Sin City, ready for a life away from stress and struggle.

Adrienne has been having a sexual drought since she broke up with her boyfriend. Even then she wasn’t getting fully satisfied. Being an event planner, she’s constantly working and out with her clients at their functions. Numerous times she’s seen a man she can only refer to as the God-like creature. He’s devastatingly handsome, tall, and has beautiful eyes, but he’s always with a different woman. Seeing as how her ex tried getting with her best friend, the last thing she needs is another playboy.
Once Jace and Adrienne meet, he feels an attraction he hasn’t had in a long time. He’s used to being with women because they want to be with him, not the other way around. 

After a few chance encounters with Jace, her best friend convinces her to just get some good sex out of him and not worry about who she’s seen him with. But what happens when she finds out that he isn’t dating these women because he wants, but because he’s paid to?

Keeping his job a secret from Adrienne seems easy at first, but when she begins meeting people he knows in his escort life, he gets nervous. Knowing he should tell her the truth, he plans a night to do just that, but someone else may get to her first. 

When their worlds entwine, and confessions are made, will they be able to work through it? Will Adrienne regret not listening to her gut instinct, or will she be able to push aside his sins and focus on the good in him? Will Jace get what he’s never had? A woman who wants him despite what he’s done. Or will living in sin cost him what he never knew he wanted?

*An erotic, contemporary romance*
*Book one in a series, but can be read as a standalone.*

It’s been almost two weeks since I’ve had the best sex of my life. I thought fucking him would settle a craving, and I’d be good to go for a while. Instead, it awakened a sexual beast that I had living inside of me. It’s all I think about now.
I want it.
I need it.
I fantasize about Jace and his huge hands doing wonderful things to my body. I can still remember the way his tongue felt as he slid it into my pussy, and the warmth of his mouth as his lips encircled my clit. I was sore for days. My entire body ached from the pounding he gave me. I’ve used my fingers and my vibrator, and neither one will do. I crave his body like a pregnant woman craves pickles and ice cream.
How can I tell him that I want to use his body for my own pleasure? What would I even say to him? I’ve never had to chase after a guy. I haven’t asked anybody out on a date, haven’t initiated the first kiss, and certainly haven’t asked anybody if they want to be fuck buddies. I just can’t do that. Plus, I have no idea how to get a hold of him. I only know where he lives, and I definitely won’t be showing up to his suite like some sort of stalker psycho.
I groan and force myself to get out of bed. Before I make it to the bathroom, my phone vibrates on my nightstand. It’s Em.
“Wake up, we have plans,” she says excitedly.
“Ugh. No. I can’t deal with your happiness right now.”
“Too bad. Get up because we have places to be.”
“How come I never know about our plans until the last minute?”
“I don’t know. I’m on my way over. It’s already ten, so stop being a lazy bum.”
The phone clicks and I go use the bathroom, brush my teeth, and pull my hair into a messy bun on top of my head. I put on some shorts, flip flops and a white tank top. By the time I’m dressed, I hear Em banging on the door like she’s the cops.
“Hey! Why are you trying to break my door down?” I say as I pull the door open.
She gives me a shrug. “I thought maybe you had gone back to sleep, so I was prepared to wake you up.”
“Well, I proved you wrong. I’m ready and everything, see?” I say, extending my arms and showing her that I’m dressed.
She eyes me with a disgusted look on her face. “If that’s what you call ready. It doesn’t matter anyway. We’re going to go get pampered. Nails, hair, waxing.”
“Waxing?” I say, interrupting her. “I think I’ll pass. Last time you convinced me to get waxed, my hoo-ha was sore for days! No thank you.”
“Stop being so dramatic,” she laughs. “I’m sorry. Last time the chick was new. This time, it won’t be the same one. I promise. We need to go get prettied up, go out to dinner with these two, hopefully-not-lame bitches, and then hit a club up and find some sexy men to dance with. That’s the plan.”
She says the last part with finality, flips her hair over her shoulder and walks towards out door.
“I guess I could use a few drinks,” I say, following her down the hall.
“Still not over the king?” she asks with a laugh.
“Oh shush,” I say, playfully pushing her.
“Hell, from what you told me, I wouldn’t be over him either. I’d be scaling the building trying to get to him.”
A loud and embarrassing laugh escapes my throat. A few people nearby all turn and look in our direction. Ignoring the stares, I continue to laugh. “Oh my gosh, Em. You’re too much. I picture you climbing the building like Spiderman and shit. Oh God, that’s too funny,” I say, unable to stop my laughter.
“You think I’m playing. I’d be camped out on that balcony waiting to pounce him.” She lets out a small laugh at herself. “I think you’re crazy for not wanting to be with him again. You said yourself he was amazing in bed…and huge! It’s not like you’re getting any elsewhere.” She gives me a pointed look.
“Well, thanks for reminding me,” I say and roll my eyes. “I don’t know what you think I’m supposed to do. I don’t have his number, and showing up to his place would be desperate and sad. I won’t do that.”
Emilie lets out a dramatic sigh. “Whatever. Guess you’ll have to find you another man tonight. He probably won’t be God-like, or be as good in bed, or have a huge…”
“Okay!” I say, interrupting her sentence. “I get it. Let’s just go.”

I use the bathroom and wash my hands. Looking myself in the mirror, I give myself a pep talk.
“You can do this. You’re a strong, independent woman. You work hard and deserve to have some play time. Men go out and get laid all the time. There’s nothing wrong with you doing it, too.” I made sure to pep talk quietly.
I step out into the bedroom and see Jace sitting on the lounge chair. I walk over and sit on the bed that I can only assume is his, because this seems like a master bedroom. He watches me as I toe my shoes off, letting them drop to the floor. I scoot back a little and make eye contact with him.
He slowly gets up from the chair and takes his blazer off. Tossing it on the chair, he begins unbuttoning his shirt. I try to watch without drooling on myself. He peels the shirt off his body and is left wearing only jeans and a ribbed, sleeveless undershirt. His tattoos are on full display. Funny, I never imagined he had them. He’s always been fully covered up, but I gotta admit, they look fucking sexy on him. He has a chest piece that extends to his left shoulder and upper arm. I can’t quite make out the detail, but it’s exquisite work.
He saunters towards me and stands at the side of the bed. I let my tongue slide over my bottom lip and then bite down on the side as I take him in. His arms are deliciously muscled and his chest is toned. I can’t wait to see what’s under that shirt…and those pants.
He pulls me closer to him by my ankle and then swiftly flips me onto my stomach. I let out a small gasp, but don’t stop him. He finds the zipper on the back of my dress and slowly unzips it. I feel the breeze on my back, and then I feel the wet tip of his tongue licking me from the nape of my neck, to top of my ass. My body shivers uncontrollably.
Jace flips me onto my back again and pulls the dress from behind my shoulders and down my body. I’m left wearing my black, lace bra and panties.
His eyes rake over the entire length of my body like he’s deciding on what he wants to do first. My chest is rising with hard, heavy breaths, my entire body feels like it’s on fire, and my pussy is dripping.






Isabel Lucero is a military wife who has been lucky enough to travel the world, and see some amazing sights. She has been married to her best friend for ten years, and together they have two of the most beautiful children in the world. She and her husband are Junior High Sweethearts, a couple who are truly meant to be togethe. One da, their love story might make it into a book.

Isabel is the middle name of the author, and Lucero is her maiden name. Together they create her pen name. She was born in a small town in New Mexico, and was more than happy to move far, far away. She is a collector of high heels and tattoos, and is highly obsessed with both. She owns a crazy, little Miniature Pinscher who thinks he's a Doberman. His name is Tyson.

Isabel has always been an avid reader, able to devour books in a day or two. With her now focusing on writing, the reading has slowed, but her love for reading is still there.
Something noteworthy is that Isabel loves to hear from her readers. Never hesitate to get in touch. She's always willing and ready to talk about anything. If you enjoyed this book, she encourages you to not only let her know, but let the world know. Goodreads, Amazon, book blogs, groups, etc. She understands that word of mouth is the best form of promotion.


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