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(Blog Tour Stop) Review & Giveaway Finding Solace by Barbara Speak

Title: Finding Solace
Author: Barbara Speak
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publication Date: November 24th, 2013

Sadie Warren is a walking contradiction. The confidence she wears on the outside is only to cover the scars that are imbedded on her soul. Coming out of an abusive relationship where she was stripped of her security and confidence, she chooses to bury it under every man she gives her body to.
After one intoxicated night that she will never remember in its entirety, everything begins to change. Being seen more for her positive attributes and less for her faults, Sadie arises from the dark and into a place she feels safe. But with that comes a chain of events that blur the lines of everything she thought she needed and everything she's beginning to want.
Will fear keep her from the one thing she believes she desires most or will fate take a turn unexpectedly and change everything?

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                             ~REVIEW~ ****

I was so entranced by this story. I never wanted to put it down once I started it because I just had to know how it all would end.

Sadie is such an amazing girl. I loved watching her grow in the story and become the woman that everyone knew she was. It was heartbreaking at times, I hated that she wasn’t strong enough to tell the one man she loved that she loved him. But I understood because of her past that she was scared.

You will adore and love every man in Sadie’s life. They are all wonderful and I was swooning after all of them. You have the wonderful brothers whom you are going to adore. Especially the oldest one because of how wonderful he is to Sadie. He takes care of her when she needs him and never turns away from her. Then you have Colt, o man did I love him. My heart broke for him more than once with everything he was going through. The man deserved the world and it killed me because at every turn something was bringing him down and making him that much more last. I really did want him to be okay. Then you have Ash. He was absolutely an amazing and wonderful man.  Sadie was definitely blessed to have come across all of these men and have them as friends.

I loved reading Sadie’s story and going on her journey with her. The only thing I didn’t like was who she ended up with. My heart was solely set on someone different, but I’m not saying who so I don’t ruin the ending for you. This was such a heartfelt story! 

I am a hard working wife and mother of two of the best kids ever. I spend my days sneaking in any reading that I can. When the idea of Finding Solace came to me, I had no choice but to get it out of my head and put it into yours.

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