Friday, March 17, 2017

Hinged by Char Sharp *Review*

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She can’t remember him.

He’ll never forget her.

When Robin Finch is abducted and tortured by an evil cybercriminal, her salvation comes in an unlikely hero, Dr. Ramsey Gunn. Gunn, a medical doctor and a computer genius, carried a long-festering secret love for Robin from afar, which placed her dead center on the enemy’s radar. Developing amnesia after enduring her captor’s sadistic torture and a blow to her head, Robin has no memory of her previous life. Dr. Gunn rescues Robin away from their captor and goes off the grid to keep her safe for years. But Dr. Ramsey Gunn may not be the savior he claims to be.

Upon his return from deployment, Navy SEAL Cooper Baron discovers his fiancé missing and presumed dead. Not believing she’s dead and hell-bent on discovering the truth about Robin’s disappearance, he will stop at nothing until she is back in his arms. Through the long years, searching for her in every woman’s face, he’s determined to locate the woman he lost. But finding Robin may put her in more danger than she’s ever faced before. Can Cooper’s love help her restore her memories without forcing her to confront the horrific reality of her abduction?

Once the reality is known, can their love survive the truth?


Hinged by Char Sharp is one of the most intense, on the edge of your seat, thrilling romances you are ever going to read. I was instantly pulled in and never put it down till I got to the end. I was so connected to every word and every page. It was like I was feeling Robin's confusion, betrayal and love. Such a great story.

I absolutely adore Char's characters. She always writes these amazing characters that I can't stop thinking about and I'm instantly messaging her begging her for more. This book was no different. I was infatuated with Cooper Baron. A man who holds on to the love of his life for years and never gives up hope of finding her is one heck of a man. I couldn't help but admire Cooper because he would stop at nothing to protect Robin and love her. He was phenomenal.

Be prepared for all kinds of twists and things you will not see coming. I was blown away with everything Robin had to endure. It was so dark and so heartbreaking what she remembers. I was so emotional through this book. I didn't know who Robin could trust or what would come next, but by the last page, I was smiling and content. Such remarkable writing.

So if you love a story about soulmates finding love all over again and fighting to overcome the past, then you are going to instantly love this book. I was so fascinated with this book and I cannot wait for more of this series. 

I give Hinged by Char Sharp 4 out of 5 HINGED TOGETHER STARS!

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