Friday, March 3, 2017

Danielle Taylor *Spotlight*

Danielle Taylor

Danielle is the Indie Author of the Country at Heart Series.

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Callie earns her money as a stripper in Dallas. Every day she woke up and hated her childhood and how she had let it run the rest of her life.  
When she was younger she wanted to become an attorney. With perfect grades to get into Law school and an internship at a top Attorney office in Austin, she was bound to reach any goals she had.
One man ripped her life apart.
Her life turned dark and lonely. She hated herself and everyone around her. Hated every day she woke up and lived a life of hell. Numerous times she wished she could just end it all.  
Her life went down a path she wouldn’t wish upon anyone.
That was until Jace Thompson walked into her work and life. Jace makes her feel alive again and gives her a reason to want to be better. A reason to change her life and the path she was travelling. She wants to make something of her life for him to be proud of.  


Jace’s football season ended early due to an injury. Then when his father died of a heart attack Jace had to give up his football career to take over the family ranch.  
Heading out one night, looking for a way to feel alive and take away the pain, Jace heads for Platinum Girls where he comes across Callie. What he thought would be a long night of fun turned into much more.

Callie and Jace’s road ahead involves hidden truths, past affairs and ghosts. Will the love and fiery passion they share be enough to outrun the bad?
Warning: Underneath It All is a fictional story that contains sexual content, strong language, promiscuity, sexual abuse and references to rape. Some scenes may be upsetting to readers and due to its content, Underneath It All is recommended for mature readers of 18+. Underneath It All contains a cliffhanger.

Above It All
Country at Heart #2
by Danielle Taylor

Callie and Jace’s story continues in book two of the Country Heart series.
Callie and Jace have started building themselves a life together on Jace’s family ranch. But when Callie gets news about her past it rocks their new peaceful world.
The death of Martin has brought up feelings that Callie thought she had buried. Callie wants to trust Jace and lean on him, but she is scared to let him in.
Callie and Jace’s relationship starts to fall into a downward spiral when Callie is hiding things from Jace. Jace is there for Callie and he doesn’t see why she is pushing him away.
Can Callie get over her fears before it’s too late to save their relationship? Can Callie and Jace get the HEA they both deserve?

Above It All is a fictional story that contains sexual content, explicit language and references to sexual abuse and rape. Some scenes may be upsetting to readers and due to its content, Above It All is recommended for mature readers of 18+
Above It All is book two in the Country Heart series and to fully understand the story, Underneath It All should be read first.


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