Wednesday, April 5, 2017

An Imperfect Engagement by Alyssa Drake *Randi's Review*


An Imperfect Engagement by Alyssa Drake, is the sequel to the wonderful book, A Perfect Plan, and I have been fortunate enough to get to read them both.

This book picks up directly where the first one left us, and is a rollercoster ride of excitement from beginning to end.

Samantha is just figuring out who it is that's been trying to hurt her family and what they have been after all along, and Benjamin and her brother are trying to find the best solution to keeping her and everyone else out of harms way.

Truthfully, I was excited to read this story, but I didn't think it was going to suck me in like it did. I found myself with a couple of hours to kill one afternoon and thought that I would start this book and maybe that might help the time to go by a little faster. A couple of hours later I found myself wishing I had more time because I didn't want to put it down, and the first chance I got I picked it right back up again.

We get to see more of Benjamin's brother Thomas, something that I really enjoyed. He was a character that I had wished to see more of during the first book so I was pleasantly surprised to see him pop up so often during this story.

One of the things that I love about these books, is how one of the characters will make a joke or a smart remark in the middle of a serious situation. I find that relatable because that's how people really are. At least in my experience anyway. So to see that happen in a book (which is so very rare) is something that I found greatly entertaining and endearing.

The only thing that I can say about this book that I don't care for...these cliffhanger endings are killing me!

I'm not a patient girl, but if I must, I will wait for the third book to release, because there's absolutely no way that I'm not finding out what happens next.

5 out of 5 stars for this wonderful read.

Kidnapped by the man who murdered her father, nearly beaten to death and severely poisoned; so far, Samantha Hastings' engagement to Lord Benjamin Westwood has been tumultuous at best.

The killer revels his venomous, revenge plot had assistance, forcing the Hastings and Westwood families to reach out for help, but can they trust every friend? Samantha develops a risky plan to draw the accomplice out of hiding, but this scheme may cost her more than she is willing to sacrifice.

The masked ball approaching and Samantha may not survive until her wedding day because - by the end of the evening - at least one person will die...

It's Recommended to Read Book 1 First, it sets up the murder plot and shows the relationship between the characters.


Award winning author Alyssa Drake has been creating stories since she could read, preferring to construct her own bedtime tales instead of reading the titles in her bookshelves. Enraptured with all types of writing, Alyssa has tried her hand at short stories, collaborations and poetry. However, her first love has always been books. She thoroughly enjoys strong heroines and often laughs aloud when visualizing conversations between her characters.

Alyssa graduated from the University of the Pacific, with a B.S. in business and a concentration in French literature. Currently she resides in Northern California with her blended family, where she works full-time at a chocolate factory.

She believes everyone is motivated by love of someone or something. One of her favorite diversions is fabricating stories about strangers surrounding her on public transportation. Alyssa can often be found madly scribbling notes on a train or daydreaming out the window as the scenery whips past.

An Imperfect Engagement, Alyssa' sophomore novel, is the follow-up to her debut novel, A Perfect Plan (which won Obsessed by Book's 2016 Indie Award for Best Historical Read). Both novels are historical romantic suspense (love & murder in 1850's England).

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