Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Sugar Daddy's Baby by Julia Bramer *Tour&Review&Giveaway*

Sugar Daddy's Baby
By: Julia Bramer
Release: October 17, 2016
Genre: Romantic Thriller

One fateful night changes everything.

After ten years of hard work and sacrifice, Marley Williams is close to accomplishing her goal. She’ll never be poor or hungry again. Then one interaction, a bizarre story, an hour in her life set her on a new path. She discovers Cockaigne, a mythical-turned-real paradise where everyone gets whatever they want. She jeopardizes everything to experience it and gets more than she bargained for.

Please note, Sugar Daddy’s Baby is a romantic thriller with adult themes. It contains sexually explicit scenes and some offensive language and violence and is for mature audiences only.


Sugar Daddy's Baby by Julia Bramer is an on the edge of your seat, intense, yet passionate story that will have you bonded to the book.

I always enjoy a good Julia Bramer book and this one was no different. As soon as I began, I couldn't stop. I had to keep reading so I could discover the secrets that everyone had. You will find yourself intrigued and lost within this sexy adventure. 

Marley Williams is such a complex character, but you can't help finding yourself compassionate for her. She learns so much about herself through the story and sees so much loss that it's heart breaking. My heart really went out to her and I couldn't help but to instantly fall in love with Max West when he came into her life. Their chemistry is explosive, just like the book.

So if you enjoy an amazing story that is filled with romance, spine tingling suspense and gives you an ending you will never see coming, then you need to pick this one up. 

I give Sugar Daddy's Baby by Julia Bramer FOUR out of FIVE PAGE TURNING STARS.


I live in Colorado with my husband and an old, spoiled cat. I enjoy football and soccer, barbecues and books. I’ve been fortunate to be able to travel the world, which has shaped my perspective on life. I write love stories with a naughty edge and often weave in scenes of places and people I’ve encountered on my travels. Most of all, I like to keep it real.

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