Friday, October 21, 2016

Shire Boys Luke & Aiden By: Susan Reeves

The Sutherland Shire: Upmarket, cosmopolitan, family-friendly, and a blend of old-money and new.
The Tweed Shire: Rich in traditional culture, a retirement mecca of Australia, also family-friendly, and affordable to many.
Two shires. So similar in geographical features and lifestyle, but vastly different at the same time.
When things around you are constantly shifting, and you find yourself needing a bit of a change—but at the same time you want to keep the things you love about your lifestyle—what do you do? You shire swap!

Luke and Aiden: Both shire boys, both young, and both quietly gay. When they first lay eyes on each other their attraction is instant, but also confusing. Luke’s about to go under the knife, and Aiden’s about to become a father. Could it ever happen?
Welcome to the Shire Boys, where if you’re keen enough, anything can happen. Even if he makes you sick to your stomach—and him, he's a total paddlepussy!

“Jeez, are you all right, mate? You wiped out pretty spectacularly!” 
I gave Luke a nod and a reassuring thumbs-up, as I coughed up the rest of the salt water that had come in through my nasal passages. 
As my coughing subsided I noticed Luke staring intently at my face, chewing on his bottom lip. He hesitated, then finally spoke up and confirmed my worst fear. “Um, you’ve got a little something on your face there,” he said and pointed in the general direction of my nose. I wiped my hand across the area and felt something big and slimy adhere to it. 
Oh, God. 
Yes. Yes, it was. I looked down reluctantly, already knowing deep down what was stringing between my nose and hand, and I felt my face flush and my stomach roll. 
I looked at Luke to see if he was as horrified as I was by the massive booger gracing my face but he was just smiling, and then he laughed as my face went from red, to white, and then to red again. Then he just casually stated, “Not to worry, happens to everyone. It’s the salt water, loosens everything up. Nature’s saline, you know, like that stuff from the chemist that mums squirt up their kid’s blocked noses, only it’s free.” 
I quickly washed my hand under the water and hoped to hell it was churning enough to make things disappear quickly.  
“You want to have another go, or call it a day?” Luke asked. 
I didn’t want him to see me as some kind of failure, or someone who gives up after only one wipeout, so I pulled my board closer and started pushing it out past the break. Luke followed along and on the way gave me a few extra pointers to try this time.  

Author Bio:

Susan Reeves is a lifelong avid reader who has had a fairly interesting life so far and has some stories of her own that she wanted to share. She lives in the most beautiful place in the world, in her opinion, and you’ll find glimpses throughout her stories as she loves to share it with her readers.
Susan also loves to potter around the kitchen, walk along the healing sands of her local beaches, and have coffee therapy with friends.
An advocate for equality, living simply and all things green, Susan spends any spare time spreading light and love in hope that it touches those who might need a little.

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