Friday, December 4, 2015

The Kiss of Life by Char Sharp *Verna's Review*


After thirteen long months of grieving the murder of her husband, we find our heroine, Elizabeth, literally running for her life from the very people who murdered her husband.

She never expected to be rescued--or her rescuer to be the infamous, United States Senator John Cole...former Navy SEAL war hero, wickedly handsome, billionaire businessman and womanizer.

The two not only find themselves thrown smack dab in the middle of a political, national security intrigue...they find an instant attraction to one another that's both baffling and undeniable. He can't stay away from her, and she finds it hard to pull away from the first person to make her feel alive in over a year.
The danger, mystery and intrigue will keep you on edge and turning the pages. Grab the tissues because you probably will cry, but you'll also enjoy the sizzling chemistry and humorous banter between Elizabeth and John.

The Kiss of Life is an adult contemporary romantic suspense novel about a young widow who must overcome the grief of losing the only man she ever loved, the guilt of loving another man at first sight, and learning to trust that man to help her stay alive.


The Kiss of Life is the first book in a trilogy, Soul Mate Rescued, and each novel is a STANDALONE. No cliffhanger. However, some popular characters will be revisited in each novel with Cooper and Steele, each getting his own book in the trilogy.


The Kiss of Life by Char Sharp is a heart breaking story about loss that's filled with lots of romance, excitement and plenty of heart pounding scenes that will leave you blushing.

"I want you and you are the one." He placed a gentle kiss on my lips, and my heart did a somersault in my chest. 

As soon as The Kiss of Life begins you are pulled in and there's no going back. I wasn't able to put it down once I got started. I needed to know what was going on, why there was men chasing Liz. You will get lost in all the chaos and be glad you did because it's a fascinating journey that Liz and John go on. 

Liz and John's chemistry is the kind that's made in the stars. I loved their instant connection and how John wanted nothing more than to comfort Liz and mend her broken heart. He's an amazing man that everyone is going to love and adore. He snatches your heart with how big a heart he has, how strong he is, and how very protective he is of Liz. It's a swoon worthy love story. 

So if you love and enjoy a book that will have your heart soaring and have you on the edge of your seat all at once this is the book for you. Such an amazingly written book and definitely one you should give a shot. For this to be Char Sharp's debut novel, I have to say she did an astounding job.

I give The Kiss of Life by Char Sharp Four out of Five SENATOR CAVEMAN Stars!


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