Sunday, December 13, 2015

*Author Taylor Shadow Interview*

*Author Taylor Shadow Interview*

What book did you read as a child that made you want to become a writer? As a little child my parents read to me but I never really had the desire to write until recently.

Who is your favorite author past and present & why? Presently Stephen King is my favorite because I just love the way he writes and Nick Cutter is right beside King because Cutter can describe a smell that I literally can smell. Past was Dr. Seuss. I loved his books. They were fun.

Would you want your books to ever become a television series? No

What genre do you like to read & write in? Erotica

Do you free hand write or type on a computer? Type on a computer

Are there any foods you eat only when writing? Not really

Are you a pre-planner when thinking of a story to write? No

If you couldn’t write what would you fall back job be? Medical Assistant

Do you like music, television, or quiet when writing? I can’t stand silence. I prefer television.

Do you have certain inspirations or muses when you write? Yes, inspiration. Just want to get my story out to the public.

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