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Pre~Release Sale:Giveaway: The Viling Wants Forever by Koko Brown

Book title: The Viking Wants Forever
Author: Koko Brown
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Excerpt #1
“You are mine and I will never let you go.”
Stated with such conviction, his tone should have rubbed Reese the wrong way, instead she experienced an odd flutter in her stomach. Not liking this one way street, she countered, “Is that the Viking way of saying you love and cherish me?”
He ran his calloused hands over her forearms in a light caress, and Reese shuddered. “What a good warrior you are. How easily you turn the tables on your enemies. Have them question their defenses.”
Only a few words and the air around them became charged. The pendulum swing of emotions, she'd caged broke free. Sure, she warred with her common sense, any kind of romantic entanglement could cloud her judgment, ruin her chances of ever returning home, and still she hurtled down that path.

Heart pounding, Reese slid her hands into his hair. “What does a mighty warrior like you have to protect?” she asked softly, willing her voice into a calmness she didn’t feel.

With a defeated groan, Eirik stared up at her. “I keep underestimating you.”

“Me?” She widened her eyes with feigned innocence, and experienced a confidence she’d never felt in her life. “I’m a mere woman…a slave.”

“With a deadly arsenal at your disposal,” he whispered. “You belong to me, so it should not matter if you are willing to spread your legs for me or not, but it does.” His hand drifted down her spine, and Reese instantly excused his crudeness as desire shot through her. “I want more. I want—”
“You want everything,” she finished for him, her toes curling as he squeezed a butt cheek. “So like a Viking.”

 Excerpt #2
Was that another growl?
This time Reese didn’t have a chance to appease her curiosity. She barely had the opportunity to open her eyes as she was set aside. Confused and off balance, she slipped to the bottom of the pool. She fought to come up for air, and a foot struck her in the back pushing her back down. Another struck her side. The water thrashed violently around her. In an act of self-preservation, Reese rolled until her back slammed against the side of the pool. Her side smarting and lungs burning, Reese clawed her way to the surface where absolute chaos greeted her. 
Magdal, Phee, Elizabeta, and Leika deserted the pool along with the rest of the thralls. Like chickens with their heads cut off, they ran around snatching up their discarded clothing, bumping into one another, while casting a curious eye at the pool they’d just abandoned. Getting out and asking questions later, Reese scrambled over the side. Given clean garments before they’d left the hall, she accepted one of the burlap gowns from Elizabeta.
“You do not touch what belongs to me.” Lips drawn back from his teeth, and Bjarni in a choke hold, Eirik exuded a menace she hadn’t seen since he’d wiped the table with a human dish rag. If it weren’t for his ear-to-ear grin, the dark Viking might have earned her sympathy.
“Just fanning the fires,” Bjarni choked out, but downplayed with a sly wink, “but it was not necessary. She is hot for you.”
He’d noticed! Heat crept up Reese’s neck. With everyone’s laughter ringing in her head, thoughts of poisoning Bjarni’s morning porridge or putting fleas in his bead flashed through her head. Her method of revenge didn’t need to come to fruition. Eirik released Bjarni so fast, the pool claimed another victim.
His comrade forgotten, Eirik crooked his finger at her. Unlike everyone else, his expression was devoid of amusement. “I knew you were fighting an overwhelming urge to tup me. I sometimes do that to women.”
“Why you egotistical, conceited—”
Magdal stepped in before Reese put her foot in it.  “Reese would love to gain your favor, jarl Eirik, but we are late. Gurta will have our hide if we do not return in time to help with the evening meal.”
Holding her gaze the entire time, Eirik said, “Go, then. Be assured we will take this up later.” His voice held an ominous tone and Reese shivered in response. Unable to tamp down the anticipation his words evoked, nor the erotic images they elicited, she took a step toward the pool. She felt like a puppet pulled on a string.  
“Nay,” Magdal hissed. “Not like this, rutting on the ground like a woman of no worth.”
Hot, bothered and more than a little frustrated, Reese squeezed her eyes shut. Magdal was right. In a momentary relapse, she’d almost forfeited the upper hand. And where would that get her?
Completely and truly fucked and in more ways than one.
Inhaling a deep calming breath, Reese held out her arm toward Magdal. “Lead the way,” she muttered, and then allowed herself to be pulled back down the path to the keep.     

Author Bio
Koko Brown is the pseudonym for a quintessential romance junkie who read over 200 Zebra Club novels in less than 30 days the summer before her senior year in high school. Bit by the writing bug at an early, she self-published and made a profit from a newspaper she distributed to her fourth grade classmates.  Unfortunately, the school principal didn't appreciate the competition and put her out of business after one best-selling issue.
Undaunted, Koko continued to write and read everything she could get her hands on.  She honed her writing skills as a staff writer with her college newspaper and writing obituaries for the local newspaper.

One day back in 2006, Koko came up with the idea for her first erotic manuscript and the rest they say is history. While not writing, Koko loves to travel and shop in thrift stores.

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