Thursday, April 23, 2015

Bleeding Heart by Alannah Carbonneau ~Randi's FIVE STAR Review~


In Bleeding Heart, book 2 in the Captured Hearts trilogy by Alannah Carbonneau, we find ourselves right back in the whirlpool of emotions that has become Nova's life.

Still reeling from Calix's admission about the horrible truth that connects them, that her father was the one responsible for the death of his parents, Nova faces her looming wedding day not with excited anticipation but with nervousness and dread.
Dread that they will never be able to overcome the past, and dread that Calix hasn't given her a choice in the matter.

Nova knows that the only way she will ever be able to be try happy with the life that Calix is forcing upon her is by breaking through his darkness and making the man inside fall as in love with her as she is with him.

So as Nova comes to terms with the fact that Calix is never going to be the prince charming she always dreamed of, she realizes that that's OK because maybe what she really needs is the darkness he carries inside.

But just when she thinks they are finally making progress, that they might actually be able to move past their beginning, Calix once again reveals a truth that has the potential to ruin everything.
And when Nova's father makes an appearance he might never be given the chance to make things right.


Ok, so...

What do we know? Calix wants revenge on Nova's father for the part he played in his parents death, so he took Nova to hurt him and draw him out so Calix might have the chance to finally kill him.
But we also know that something happened that he never expected and he's come to care for Nova in a way that he's never known before.

What I myself have come to realize, much like Nova in fact, is that Calix may be just a little crazy but I care for him deeply anyway and truly wish for him to find a happiness that has always alluded him.

Much like with the first book I found myself switching between thinking he was just the sweetest guy to wanting to smack him upside the head for his foolish and controlling actions.
While at the same time relating to Nova for feeling many of the same emotions that I seemed to be feeling.

But after everything they have gone through, by the end of the book I found myself firmly in their corner rooting for them to find that shred of happiness they always wanted even if they hadn't realized they were looking for it.

With so many emotions flying around while reading this book, it's really no wonder that it was one of those rare books that left me speechless at the end...while at the same time completely freaking out.

I highly recommend these books because while they might not be your typical romance, that's exactly why you will love them!

“I’ll take everything you want to give me, love.” His voice was dark. “I’d gladly take your heart.” – Calix McKnight 

Only four days after Nova was captured by Calix McKnight, she lost her heart to his darkness and her soul to the dominance residing within the man. Only four days, and everything she’d known had changed. 

He owned her body. 

He possessed her heart. 

He captured her soul. 

With no hope of running from him, Nova does the only thing she can do. She accepts him. She accepts his darkness and cherishes his edges. After their wedding only two weeks into her capture, Nova is taken across the world to honeymoon with Calix in lavish romance that tricks her mind and heart into falling deeper than the blue abyss of the ocean, in love, with a monster. 

But it’s not all bliss and romance, because Calix really is a monster, and he’s more than determined to keep Nova as his own – forever. Even the revenge that powered his every action has withered in comparison to the need Calix feels to possess Nova to completion. However, there are some actions that even true love cannot forgive. 

In the quest to bind her irrevocably to him, will Calix overstep his boundaries and push Nova away from him forever? 

***This novel does end in a cliffhanger. There is dark subject matter intended only for those who are 18 years or older!

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