Thursday, February 23, 2017


Raging Heart On:

She needs to get knocked up.
He has ten very hard inches to do the job with.


I've decided to have a baby. 
The only problem? 
I'm as single as they come. 
So I jokingly make a list of possible baby daddies. 
The problem? 
My best friend White finds the list … and his name's on top. 
My panty-melting-hot, best buddy, White. 
My football player, never-going-to-settle-down best friend. 
He's telling me he won't let anyone else near me. 
He's out to prove he's the only man for the job. 
I should say no. The idea is crazy, right? 
Except the things he does to my body leaves me begging for more.


My crazy best friend wants a baby. 
Like hell I'm going to let her get knocked up by anyone but me. 
Having a baby with my best friend is the last thing I ever thought I'd want. 
But one taste of those sweet lips and I can't think about wanting anything else. 
She's not sure I can commit. 
But I'll convince her I have exactly the tool she needs… even if her and I have to break a few beds to prove it. 
She wants a baby? I want her everything. 
And I'm going to be there every step of the way… with a raging heart on.

Complete Stand Alone with No cheating and a Happy Ending all inside. Book two of the Lucas Brothers series but can totally be read alone. 

WARNING: This book contains a man determined to be the heroine's baby daddy, a meddling mother who keeps trying to help them out, a whole lot of baby making and laugh out loud antics. Hope you enjoy!

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