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The Sardana Series by Ray Harwood

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Last Sardana
by Ray Harwood
With linked hands, the human circle perambulated, moving to the left in the precise step sequences that had been the format through centuries of performance.

Last Sardana begins the story of a mother, Maria Martinez, and 12-year-old son Pedro, with modest beginnings in Rosas, a Spanish Costa Brava fishing village. Set in the fifties, Maria was widowed by a tragic disaster at sea. Together they uproot south to be under the wing of her brother-in-law, who is developing an hotel on the Martinez family land.

Maria and Pedro, in their separate ways, become pivotal to that. There Pedro is exposed to the ‘University of Life’ through adolescence itself. His creative talent is encouraged and exposed, as are the challenges of a veritable fan club of contemporary girlfriends, discovering their own emotions and playing with his. Diverse characters comprising the initial hotel clientele enter his life, as do a field of sunflowers and a deaf, mute boy whose great artistic talents Peter discovers, to take into the future. Maria finds new and exciting love too...

Sardana Encore
by Ray Harwood
Peter’s architectural ability removed him from his Spanish homeland, spiriting him off to London and a brief sojourn in Malaysia; yet he was always magnetised back to the biggest love in his life... his mother.

Sardana Encore welcomes the reader back like an old friend. The now thriving Martinez hotel reaches the end of its first season and Pedro – influenced by the family priest to see himself as ‘Peter’, the international traveller – prepares to begin studies in London and life with flatmates, who in time join the family circle.

However, milestone events on his journey leave an indelible mark on his life. A balance is struck to no lesser extent than the fairytale romantic interlude in Malaysia, where Peter’s emotional taste buds are discovered. In the UK, as he embarks on a successful career, his Catalan ties still bind and seeds there take root... and the bitter fruits of an ancient enmity are laid ready to be reaped...

Sardana Renaissance
by Ray Harwood
In the third book of the Sardana trilogy, the brilliant but ill-fated Peter Martinez rises from the ashes of a disaster that almost destroys him, facing his physical and mental demons with the help of a vibrant young physic haunted by her own tragic past.

As old relationship shift and new links are formed in his Sardana chain, Peter's vision of life grows deeper and richer. But is he destined to find lasting love, and can he help a young boy achieve his dreams of Paralympic glory in Barcelona?

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