Saturday, March 12, 2016

*Spotlight* Gravedigger by Michael-Israel Jarvis

Spade and Sorcery as Gravedigger Hits the Shelves
Booktrope Publishing releases Gravedigger by Michael-Israel Jarvis

Gravedigger, a fantasy novel by Great Yarmouth based author Michael-Israel Jarvis, will be published by Booktrope on the 31st of October, becoming available for purchase through numerous online booksellers. Gravedigger will be available in paperback and e-book formats.
Gravedigger has previously been released through Amazon by Michael-Israel Jarvis, prior to his acceptance into international new model publisher Booktrope, who are a growing publishing community based in Seattle WA. Michael-Israel lives and works in Norfolk, England, and will be publishing further novels through Booktrope in coming months.

Dead or alive. Good or evil. Hero or fugitive.
Valo needs a specific solution to a grave problem. The human Claimfold and prigon Torzsi draw apart. War is promised in the West. Worst of all, the magi of Nagyevo are meddling with the dead.
Perin is an apprentice Gravedigger: uneducated, unwanted, unsure. He may be the answer Valo needs, if he doesn't get killed before he works out what's going on. But of course there's the chance that fate hasn't called him after all. The gods are nameless and silent and the best laid plans have a way of going badly wrong.
Enter the spade and sorcery world of Valo.
Gravedigger subverts the expectations of that oldest of foes in fantasy, the dead that walk, in a fast-paced adventure through a world of culture, intrigue, magic and blood.

“His storytelling is impeccable. I have no doubt Gravedigger only scratches the surface of what he has in store for us.” —Tom Barczak, author of the Prophecy of the Evarun series of fantasy novels.  
“Masterful world-building from a rising talent – Perin is the most iconic fantasy protagonist since Bilbo Baggins.” – J. G. Clay, author of Tales of Blood and Sulphur

Additional Information
Michael-Israel Jarvis blogs at where it is possible to find more information on his books. He is an alumnus of the University of Northampton, where he received a First in Creative Writing.
More information on Booktrope’s Team Publishing model is available at
For review copies and author interview requests, please contact the author’s book manager, Dane Cobain, on or (+44) 7885 587738.

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