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Ignition by Skye Callahan *Verna's Review*


Now available! IGNITION (The Redline Series, 1) Skye Callahan

Redline Final med
When you’re this close to the redline, there’s no room for error —or second chances. A sought after car thief for hire, Colt will do anything for a high—anything for the deafening rush of blood and chemicals that tames the ongoing anarchy in his mind. Fast cars, pain, alcohol, women… his vices come in many flavors, but one woman tempts him closer to the line he can never come back from. She’ll be his hardest theft yet—an action that will set the looming conflict with his brother on a new and violent path. Aubrey has two choices. The first she knows too well: the alluring businessman who entwined her in his deceptive plots. The second is a stranger. He makes his promises not with a silver tongue but with harsh, blunt observations that Aubrey can’t ignore. Either way, she’s caught between two brothers each seeking the other’s downfall—and neither has a problem taking her down in the process.
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Ignition by Skye Callahan is dark, thrilling and will completely blow you away at the end. You are left with all kinds of insane emotions and then just like that you’re in shock and begging the author for more.

I was instantly hooked and found myself so curious as to why Aubrey was in the predicament she was in. I needed to know how she got here and how she would get out of it. There are so many twists and turns that by the very end you find yourself with one of the most major book hangovers EVER.
I felt so horrible for Aubrey’s character. She just couldn’t seem to catch a break. But no matter what she fought against all of her odds. That is until she meets COLE! Cole is just WOW! I was speechless. I mean Skye keeps giving me these men that I can’t get enough of and that leave an imprint in this little reader’s heart. His character is so intense and will leave you wishing you had the next book already.

By the end you will just have no words for what you are feeling. I highly recommend this for a reader that loves a book that keeps you on edge and gives you an ending you just don’t expect to happen. Such a great book.

I give Ignition by Skye Callahan 5 out of 5 COLE STARS!

“I want pain, because pain is the only thing real-the only thing we can control and share. The only result of every relationship-every life."

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