Friday, December 19, 2014

Randi's Review~ A Safe Surrender by: Alannah Carbonneau

“Sometimes all it takes is love…to heal the scars on the soul.” 

Kamilla’s life has been filled with pain, heartache, and loneliness for as long as she can remember. After losing her mother to a cruel twist of fate, she was placed into the cold clutches of the foster system only to be saved by a whole new kind of nightmare. Ever since she was fifteen, Kamilla had known only Rhett. She knew his quirks, his anger, his impatience, and even the agony of his quick fist. There was no anguish the world had neglected to lay upon her innocent soul – no pain she wasn’t strong enough to shoulder, until Rhett crossed a line that cannot be uncrossed. 

Desperate to find peace, safety, and security, Kami runs away. Driving deep into the Alberta Rocky Mountains, she finds sanctuary in not only the Donnelley Ranch…but in Kyle Donnelley. 

As a beautiful friendship blooms between Kami and Kyle, Kami finds herself surrendering to all that he is. The strength in his kindness heals her. The truth in his declaration gives her something pure to believe in. The patience he employs proves to her she can trust in goodness once again. As Kyle teaches Kami every day that the world holds not only shadows and pain, but light and caresses, she finds herself surrendering her heart to him in a surrender the like she’s never before known. A safe surrender.

A Safe Surrender, by Alannah Carbonneau, is book 2 in the Donnelley Brothers series.
This book is about a woman named Kamilla and her struggles to overcome an abusive relationship and to learn that she's worth more than she was taught.

And then there's Kyle Donnelley. The peverbial night in shinning armor. Saving Kamiila from a night spent in her car in the middle of a snow storm, he finds himself drawn to her in a way that he's never felt before and they quickly become friends.

This books deals with the sensitive subject of domestic abuse by a “loved one”. After reading the first book in this series I had every confidence that Carbonneau would do a fantastic job with this tough topic and I was not disappointed.
She wrote Kamilla in a way that was totally believable for me, and while I found a couple of times, I felt sorry for her and what she had been though, mostly I just felt proud of her and how she worked to make her life better, because she knew, even at her lowest, that she deserved better.

Kamilla's best friend, Ember was a great addition to this story. She was supportive of Kamilla's decisions regarding her life and how to better herself, and she was just a nice character to meet and I hope that we get to hear from her again.

It was great to get to hear more from Reese and Logan, the main voices from the first book in the series, and see more of their relationship play out in the background of Kamilla's story.

I can't say enough good things about Alannah Carbonneau and her wonderful writing. All I can do is tell you how amazingly talented she is and urge you to check out her work.

I give this book a 5 out of 5 stars :)

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