Sunday, December 28, 2014

Author David Michael ~Spotlight~

What happens when the forces of good and evil stop playing by the rules and it's left to the mortals in the middle to put them in their place?
Who will win?
Read this gripping, sexy series to find out!

Blessed?  Well that is one way to look at things.  When Ardra stands to lose everything you hold dear for this gift that is thrust upon you and threatens earth's existence and it is your job to make sure things go in your favor, you might not see it that way. Her faithful companion, Kaiser, seems to be more than meets the eye and when she finds out just why he was put in her life, Ardra realizes that all the rules have changed.  Nothing and noone are what they seem and she learns that she isn't either.


Cursed.  Luke has felt that way from the second his mother abandoned him and he is forced to live in a foster home.  The only bright spot?  Sarah.  When he lands in jail after narrowly escaping his own demise,  how will he handle a group of Arch Angels who are determined to make sure the next time he won't be so lucky.

After finally freeing herself from the strangle hold her mother has had over her life since birth, Aziza meets a sexy stranger named Landon and believes that maybe her luck has finally changed for the better.  Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever Aziza has to find a way to save her family while deciding if her family's feud is worth her future happiness. Ardra and Kaiser are also on the scene to make sure that this strong and talented woman doesn't face pure evil on her own.

                                                                     Hayden had finally adjusted to living his fast paced New York City life.  He has no one to hold him back but that means he has no one to hold him at night.  When this sexy stranger is found literally naked on his floor, will he keep him or let him go?  Sarah, Mak and Luke find this couple and, after realizing that they are on the same team, figure out a way to combine their efforts to save themselves from divine retribution.  Not everyone will make it out alive...

                                                                         That is what the United Series by David Michael has been about.  If you have been reading along since Blessed was released, you should know the cast of characters by now: Ardra, Luke, Aziza & Hayden have been pulled into a fight that should never have been theirs to fight but they have too much on the line to give up now and the entirety of civilization is up for grabs.  If these brave men and women can't put these forces back in their place, the world as we know it is over.  What happens when the mortals finally meet?  

Between Chaos, Angels, Gods, the Fates and human nature, anything is possible!  Find out who will reign in this epic series?  Find out today!

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