Sunday, November 16, 2014

Spotlight~ Charlie D. Keller

                                   Charlie Keller, a professional firefighter and proud father of a two-year-old girl, is no stranger to fitness. The 26-year-old first-degree black belt has been a competitive martial artist since 1992, winning hundreds of trophies and plaques.The gym didn't become a high priority until Charlie walked onto the Colorado State University campus in 2003. Charlie weighed less than 150 pounds and found himself mimicking people in the gym with physiques he coveted. The result: little in the way of results.

Charlie eventually grew bigger, but not in a good way. By the time his daughter was born in 2009, he weighed 190 pounds. In 2010, thanks to the encouragement of his lieutenant at the fire department, Charlie discovered BodySpace and decided to change his life. Using for all of his nutrition and supplementation needs, Charlie joined with trainers Cameron Bodner and IFBB Pro Tracy Bodner. With proper guidance finally at his disposal, Charlie saw his body fat drop from 12-to-6 percent. Now a ripped 178-pound firefighter, Charlie wants to rise to new heights - like becoming an IFBB pro!

At the moment, he has an even higher mission in mind: passing his healthy lifestyle along to his daughter.

Instagram account: @charliedkeller

Photo By: 
Tyler Seielstad Photgraphy~

Ink By: 
                                Aaron Moore 

1 degree blackbelt in Chinese kempo.  My daughter just started last month as well!

Been in the fire service for 6+ years now

I LOVE coffee

I’m single!!

I drive a prius… I have a motorcycle too.. I’m trying not to be such a #basicbitch

Hi Charlie! Welcome to Verna Loves Books. Thanks for agreeing to be our very first Model on the blog. I'm so excited to have you. Now let's get started shall we. :)

Question #1.
Did you always want to model, if not what did you want to do?

No I never really thought about being a model.  It just kind of happened over time.  I had always just wanted to be a firefighter.

Question #2
Do you have any tattoos? how many?
Would you please share some of the significane of some of your tattoos?

I have over 100 hour of tattooing done on me.  All my work is done by the amazing Aaron Moore, owner of West Side Tattoo in Colorado Springs, CO.  I tell people I have 2 tattoos… one on my upper body and one on my lower body.  My leg has a tattoo machine and a skeleton riding a motorcycle.  My upper body mostly consists of Japanese themed work.  I have trained in martial arts for 20+ years and got my first samurai tattoo when I was 19ish and I just stuck with the theme.  Just this year I started on a tribute piece for my mom who just passed of cancer in August.  This will flow into a “back to the future” sleeve on my other arm that will cover up my tribal tattoo.  I used to watch this movie all the time growing up. Reminds me of my mom and my childhood.

Question #3
What are some of your favorite things to do in your free time?

When I have free time, about 99% of the time I have my daughter so we always do child friendly things.  We like swimming, watching movies, going to the park, going out to dinner or just coloring at home.

Question #4
What was one of the best memories you've had so far in your career?

Winning BSN’s transformation challenge had to be my big break.  It was very exciting.

Question #5
What advice do you have for other aspiring models?

Have a career and do this for fun…. I could never feed my daughter and I on what I make modeling.  Looks fade.  Focus on education and actual life skills.  Buzzkill right??

1st Place Men's Physique 

Question #6
What are your goals as a model?

I have zero goals as a model.  I just want to be a successful father and firefighter

Question #7
What are some of your current modeling projects?

Just finished shooting another book cover. This will be my 4th I believe.

Photo By: Brett Seeley Photography  

Question #8
What's the craziest thing a fan has done for you or asked you?

Hanging out in vegas last year for a romance novel gig was pretty amazing.  Nothing to crazy but it was a new experience! 

Question #9
What's your favorite book?

“how to make friends and influence people” Dale Carnegie

Question #10
Have you ever read Taking Chances or Stealing Harper?

Yes I’ve read both!  I’ve read almost all of Molly’s books.  And the ones I haven’t read yet they are loaded up on my kindle for a rainy day!  I never used to read this “lady porn”, which I give Molly shit for writing all the time, but I get hooked as soon as I start reading.  I just usually just lie to my friends and co workers about what I’m reading :)

Question #11
If the books are ever made into a movie do you think you'll play Chase?

I better play chase!

V~I totally Second that!! I couldn't see anyone else doing it.


Question #12
Boxers or Briefs?

Boxer briefs!

Lastly, Is there anything you'd like to add or say to your fans?

I love all the support I get through social media!!  My social media is all about the #dadlife and I think its amazing that I still get the interaction and support that I do.  I think it’s cool that people follow me for me and not just the modeling aspect.  Which is probably only 5% of my posts…

Thank you Charlie, so much for doing this and for talking with me. I was thrilled when you agreed to be on my blog. I am a huge fan and you'll always be my Chase ;)


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  1. Fantastic interview Verna & do "Chase" proud!! (Tyler is an amazing photographer as well)