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~REVIEW TOUR~ Embrase the Moment by Andrea Michelle

Embrace the Moment Synopsis -


Torn apart by a tragedy, pushed together by fate. Nothing is coincidence.


Riley and Josh have been through it all together, first as best friends and now as a couple.


Faced with a decision that will test their relationship, these two learn to fight harder than ever before to keep their hearts intact. Once the decision is made, there is no going back. With the past creeping into their present, and miles between them, they learn nothing is easy. Every moment matters.


Can Riley and Josh survive the first year of college apart? Will their love remain strong enough to embrace every moment that belongs to them? Or will someone from the past interfere, take what he wants and ruin them forever?


"For each star in the sky, I have a reason why I love you. When you look up at night, never forget this truth." ~Josh Parker


Not recommended for anyone under the age of 17 due to underage drinking, sexual content and adult language.



This is book two in the series. To better understand the characters and the story line, I strongly encourage reading the books in order. These are not stand-alone novels.



Just like Escape the Doubt, Embrace the moment will pull on your heart strings. It is beautifully written and such a beautiful story, but dear Lawd…. It will cause you to pull some hair out! And that ending!?!?! Really??? Talk about torture! The struggle with these two is going to kill me! GET ON THE SAME PAGE!! I’m scared of the next book, I really am, I just know that they will have so much they will have to overcome to be together and it made me sick to my stomach to watch them throw away all of the beautiful love they had together just because they were apart. If you’re in love and have been forever, what does a little distance matter? In this one, Josh a Riley BOTH made me want to reach in and thunder punch them! Come on guys… you’re KILLING ME! Dean… you almost had me fooled, you little sack of… can we just kill him and crazy Preslee already? Those two are a piece of work, talk about crazy!! Even with all of the “issues” I had, this is a beautiful story. No matter how much it hurt to read this, and it did, it’s such a very, very good book. When they are in love and on the same page their love is a force to be reckoned with. You wish you could have a love that beautiful. I think that’s why I was so devastated when all of the conflict between the two was going on. Such a beautiful gut wrenching book and I can’t wait to get my hands on the next one! I give Embrace the Moment 4 stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟


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Embrace the Moment Trailer -


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Embrace the Moment Excerpt -


            Josh’s POV


Those very blue/green eyes snap open and lock with mine when Bloodstream comes on the radio. Emily turns it up, “I so love this song. His voice is so damn sexy.” Neither Riley nor I reply. Speech is impossible when the images of what we did to this song fill my head. Her eyes flutter and glass over. She bites her lip and her breathing changes. She is remembering it, too. I can’t breathe. I just want to touch her—to feel her respond to me touching her again. She has her knees pulled up in the seat, and I trail my index finger from her knee down to the edge of her barely there shorts and back up. Her skin breaks out in goose bumps and she shivers. My eyes never leave hers. She reaches her hand up and traces my bottom lip. I harden instantly, and her eyes widen. Damn. Good thing her head is covering my lap. Bad thing is her head is in my lap—not really helping my problem here. I’m so turned on. Fuck!


So, about that backseat—it’s a small confined place—and all I can smell is her jasmine and vanilla scented lotion. I’m fucked and not in the way I’m imagining in this backseat.

Luckily, Collin exits the highway and stops for gas, because I’m struggling here with her in this tight space.


I thought I’d be safe from temptation for at least a few minutes, but then she buys a fruit punch Icee, blow pops and skittles. Good grief, I’m in a lust bubble of desire. We’re standing outside of the car just talking. I’m half listening to all of her words because I’m watching her sip from her straw and then lick her lips, which are now tinted red from her drink. Opening her bag of skittles, she laughs at something Em says and for the life of me, I can’t stop thinking about how much I want to taste the rainbow. And so I do. I grab her drink and candy, passing it to Em who says, “What the...” I don’t listen. I grab Riley’s face and taste every crevice of her mouth. The fruity taste lingering all over her tongue and sending my senses into overdrive.


“Holy shit! Collin, what are we going to do with these two?” Emily asks.

I hear him laugh. “Uh, I guess move out of the way? Wait in the car? Give em’ dollar bills? Hell if I know.”


Her hands are in my hair, pulling as always. I have her pressed into the car door, my hands holding both of her cheeks in my palms. I glide my hand to the nape of her neck and into her hair as we deepen the kiss. I don’t know how long we kiss, just that I feel better once we do. I release her and step back as she lifts her hands to touch her lips. She always does that. It’s like the feeling left on them shocks her. She just stands there, dazed for a few seconds—staring at me. Collin leans out of his window. “Y’all coming, or you gonna stand out there eye and mouth-fucking all damn day?”

© Copyright 2014 by Andrea Michelle



Escape the Doubt Synopsis -


Is taking a chance with your heart worth the escape, or was it better to have never loved at all? Can forgiveness really set you free?


After the unexpected death of her Dad, and the haunting manner in which he died, Riley Shaw built invisible walls around her heart. Barriers she created to protect her from splintering into broken pieces that couldn’t be repaired. She was unable to move forward from her past, letting the guilt of her parent’s mistakes dictate her own choices.


Dean Warren was safe. Being with him was innocent and peaceful because she didn’t truly love him. His words held her captive in a false sense of security. His eyes were deceptive, and his promises of never pushing her beyond what she was willing to give were broken, leaving Riley in a state of regret and doubt.


Joshua Parker had the power to take what was left of Riley’s splintered pieces and ruin her completely, or make her whole again. He was her best friend, her next-door neighbor—everything she wanted and settled on never having. Loving him was as easy as breathing air. The fear of losing him forever was more real to her than the feelings she couldn’t escape.


When faced with the very thing she feared the most, and in the arms she thought were safe, Riley finds herself questioning every decision she has made over the past two years. When she finally escapes the doubt in her head, and accepts the truth in her heart, is it too late?


“I'm so close to the edge of the cliff that I know one more breath, one more inch, I could fall.” -Riley Shaw


Not recommended for anyone under the age of 17 due to underage drinking, sexual content and adult language.


***Warning*** This is book one in a series and is not a stand-alone novel.



                Escape the Doubt is a book that will pull on your heart strings. Very heartwarming most of the time but also heartbreaking. You are instantly sucked into this story, or that how it was for me anyway. Riley and Josh have the sweetest love imaginable, they just can’t seem to get on the same page. Riley can’t seem to let go of the fact that her father’s drunk driving killed himself and Josh’s mother. She shoulders all the blame on herself even though no one blames her and has even forgiven what happen. She can’t seem to shake the feeling that Josh will always, whether they’re together or stay best friends, look at her as the daughter of the man who killed his mother. Which is totally NOT the case. Josh has loved her since they were kids and she him. They have always been best friends and always there for each other. She also has a crippling fear of abandonment and severe trust issues thanks to her parents relationship. Like I said, they just can’t seem to get on the same page. They are either in a relationship with someone else or crazy circumstances keep popping up. When they finally do sit and talk about their shared feelings you get so excited only to be let down. Riley’s worst fears come true and she runs, she shuts down and lets her heart close off and turn black. It’s up to Josh to fix the mistakes she thinks he’s made but she is hell bent on not seeing or speaking to him. Can their love find a way to fix the broken?

Such a good book! I read the whole thing within a matter of hours, I could not put it down. It had me smiling like a fool, cussing like a sailor and at times and it felt like I had a million butterflies swirling around in my stomach. I can’t wait to read the next book in the Shifting series. I recommend this book to readers 17+ I give Escape the Doubt 5 well-earned stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟




About the Author -


I am just a mom who had a dream to share my words with the world. Well, I suck at writing bios, but it’s a necessary evil.


I love poetry. In fact, that is where my writing obsession began as a young teen. You can find my original poetry in my writing. I gave it to my characters and now I share it with you. I adore music. I believe music can heal any bad day, or inspire a great love story. I don’t have a favorite genre of music as I listen to everything but bluegrass. It really depends on my mood. However, I love to write with Jared Leto in my ear. He’s good company. I am a dreamer—a true Gemini. I often stare off into space where my fictional friends play. I love to escape into a great book (any genre). I have to drink coffee in the morning to be human. Sweet tea and fave red starbursts are my guilty pleasures, sometimes chocolate when necessary. I love wine. It’s my tool for relaxing with my imaginary friends. I am in love with romance in any facet of life. I love it in books, on film, in songs and when it’s full of angst. Maybe, I wasn’t hugged enough as a child. ;) I don’t believe all romances end in HEA, that’s not reality. However, in my mind when I read and watch movies where the ending isn’t what I desire—I change it. It unfolds in my brain the way I need it to, so the story never ends. I’m weird, yes, I know. I am very blessed to have found my soulmate at a very young age, married him at twenty. The sweetest of my blessings are my three daughters. My oldest and I share a very close book love with one another. I do believe she will one day follow in my footsteps and try the hat of being an author. I am excited, yet nervous to share my passion with you, but I look forward to the journey ahead. I love to hear from my readers, and I encourage those connections. Links below so you can friend me, like me, follow and support me.


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