Thursday, February 12, 2015

Heaven's Scent by Tania Cooper & Ricky Cooper ~Cover Reveal~

Heaven’s scent book 1 relaunch cover reveal
12th of february 2015
Hosted By Two ordinary girls and their books  
Heaven’s scent is now on sale at 99c

Heavens Scent.
What comes to pass when good and evil collide, when the fate of two worlds hangs by a thread?
When the dust settles and the smoke finally clears, the victor will decide all. The fate of man. The fate of the heavens. The very universe will be shaped by their hand.
But through it all, a deeper struggle wages, the fate of two people; an Angel and a Demon, two halves of the same coin drawn together by a forbidden connection, fate intertwined by design but held worlds apart.
Bound by love, bound by honour, and both shackled by duty. Fated by the creator to sit at the crossroads of a war that tears their worlds apart. Can their sinful love truly conquer all? Will they catch the scent that lingers and find the ties that bind even the deadliest of enemies.

Lines will blur and hearts will shatter. In a battle of good versus evil not everything is always black and white, for even in heaven, shades of grey abound.

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