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Facade Of Shadows by Rick Chiantaretto ~Tour Stop & Review & Giveaway~ ****

Title: Facade of Shadows
Author: Rick Chiantaretto
Genre: YA, dark fantasy


Judas Iscariot (portrayed as the first of the undead), the gods and myths of ancient Egypt, and vampires all play a role in this novel of the clash between good and evil on Earth. In Façade of Shadows, the supernatural beings of Egyptian lore work together with modern-day vampire slayers to wage a pivotal battle against the dark powers of the underworld. A group of young slayers and their immortal Protector, the son of ancient gods, travel through time and space while struggling to save the population of an unsuspecting town—the first target for domination by the vampires—in a conflict that foreshadows the fate of the world. If you enjoy action, humor, tragedy, even romance involving the genre of vampires and their nemeses, this is a riveting read to add to your collection.


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~Julian loved the rain; not because it cleansed the world but because it made everyone’s life as dismal and gray as the clouds above, as gray as his soul always felt. ~

As soon as I started Façade of Shadows I was intrigued and pulled in by Rick’s words. I was captivated and not once wanted to put the book down. I had to keep reading so I would know the fate of each of the amazing characters I met in this book. They each had their own place in the book and each one captivated you in their own way.

Julian was by far one of those characters that captured your heart and you wanted nothing more than to see him prevail and have a happy ending. Let me state you are going to be shocked when you read about what happens to him, I know I was. My heart was broken in the very first pages of the book.

~ Rick means king, one who watches, cares for; a powerful ruler. ~

Let me say that I was so surprised one of the main characters was named Rick, but it brought the hugest smile to my face that author used his name in the book. I was grinning from ear to ear. Rick is an amazing character. He is strong, caring, loving, and fights so hard to save the human race and protect those he loves. His journey, the slayers, and other characters journeys through the book will have you completely in tuned with the book. They are all so strong in their own way and they each make the book a whole. There is never a dull moment.  It’s a definite must read. I highly recommend it.

So if you love reading an amazing book about vampires and other supernatural beings this is the book or you. Even if you don’t normally read those types of books I highly recommend Rick Chiantaretto’s books because they are always so brilliant and inspiring.


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