Thursday, March 26, 2015

Randis Review~ Tempt Me When The Sun Goes Down by Lisa Olsen

From Bestselling Paranormal Romance Author Lisa Olsen - Book 9 of the Forged Bloodlines Series

"There are times when you should respond to a crisis with dignity and a level head. This was not one of those times."

Whether it stems from love or a sense of responsibility, Anja will do whatever it takes to break the curse and set Rob free, but the price might prove too high. Knowing the circumstances that led to Rob's betrayal, Anja does her best to forgive him - but can she forget? And where does Bishop's long lost Sire fit in? Bishop's made no secret of the fact that he loves Anja, but will that love survive when Carys crooks her finger? Carys has spent her entire life being catered to and adored; what will she think of this newbie vamp who's taken her place at Jakob's side and in Bishop's heart? Ancient curses and past betrayals aside, Anja just might find that the hardest obstacle to overcome is a green eyed monster.

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Whether you are Team Bishop or Team Rob or even Team Jakob, this book has a little something for everyone.

In true Lisa Olsen fashion this book picks up right where we left off in the last one and jumps right back into the crazy mess that has become Anja's life.

In Book #8 of the Forged Bloodlines series we learned that there's an old curse that is sucking the life out of Rob, just because Anja loves him. And now in book #9 Anja is prepared to track down someone or something that can break this curse so that no one else ever has to go through the agony of watching someone they love slowly become someone they don't even recognize.

But she soon finds that knowing about the curse and why Rob felt the way he did and coming to terms with the way he betrayed her are two different things. And when Bishop is around she's more confused about her jumbled feelings than ever.

Throw in some new and some familiar characters and Jakob being more understanding and nicer than he's ever been before and we have ourselves the best and most emotionally charged story in the series so far.

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